If you want to know when is the best time to post on LinkedIn, read the entire guide. You will get every detail about it.

LinkedIn is an efficient tool for career-oriented people. With its tools, the platform undoubtedly helps job seekers as well as recruiters. However, without knowing how to use the platform using the same won’t be much fruitful.

when is the best time to post on LinkedIn

Use the media wisely to get maximum results. First, you should know the best timing to post your content on LinkedIn. For this, read the below guide which holds all the information on the timings of posting on LinkedIn.

Are days ideal for posting on LinkedIn and why?

For knowing when is the best time to post on LinkedIn few factors is needed to be considered. You must be aware of the fact that business networking is quite different from much general social networking and so, it shouldn’t be surprising for you that the postings of LinkedIn will differ from that of social networking. The best days for posting on LinkedIn are Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. If you ask for the best time, then the ideal time to post is from 8 am to 6 pm. The reason behind being Tuesday to Thursday as the best posting days is many.

On Mondays, people prefer to set up the plan of their entire week and start their plan of action and so they remain very busy. Some people also recover from their work-oriented trips or business tours which they had traveled during the weekend. The inertia of weekends or the official trips remains in them on this day.

Some might be busy or some might be lazy, but whatever the reason might be you need to know that Mondays are a big no for posting on the LinkedIn platform. It’s not the ideal day to try to get a response, make a new connection or have someone to see your piece of content that you might have posted.

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Conversely, on Fridays, the businessmen or entrepreneurs might cut back themselves on social media for various reasons. On weekends there might be a family trip or any other kind of family activity for the entrepreneurs. There can also be conferences or seminars they need to attend on weekends.

For all these activities that are to be done on weekends, there must be some planning or preparations. Generally, people tend to take a mental setup of such activities on Fridays. Also, after a hectic schedule for the entire week, people don’t feel like opening a LinkedIn account to search for candidates.

Hence, Fridays should also be avoided to post anything on your LinkedIn account. Making initial contacts isn’t possible on Fridays. Weekend undoubtedly should be avoided for any post on LinkedIn. So, now that we have seen that Monday and Friday are not a good time to post, the left days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday remain for posting. People generally get indulged in these days of the week.

How often should post on LinkedIn?

Now that you know when to post on LinkedIn now let’s give you an idea about how frequently you should post on the platform. Many researchers have confirmed that people tend to post only five times a week. Among which the most of the time, the highest engagement comes in the first two posts of yours.

when is the best time to post on LinkedIn

So, it may be concluded that if you post two to five times every week depending on the type of industry, type of your content, and your audience, there are chances of getting positive results. One thing you should keep in mind while posting is the quantity of the postings shouldn’t surpass the quality of your content.

When posting something, make sure you prove yourself to be strategic, skilled, thoughtful, and helpful with each piece of content you post on this platform. When you are posting five times a week, make sure that your contents differ in type and writing.

Remember, LinkedIn strategy is a lengthy game. If you are dependent on LinkedIn as a recruiter or a job seeker, try testing the different tactics and some experiments to know which route can take you towards your desired results. For that matter, you can buy LinkedIn Followers.

Every audience of yours will be unique so you should uncover your insights regarding the content you are posting on LinkedIn. Work on the content of your presentation and increase the quality of it to attract various audiences. Now that you know when is the best time to post on LinkedIn, start working on it?