YouTube - the absolute video marketing star

YouTube - the absolute video marketing star

Videos are now at the forefront of social media users’ favorites. Especially the hotly courted Generation Z – the first truly digital generation – swears by the entertaining videos and is reluctant to read long content. And honestly, who wouldn’t rather watch a good explanatory video than read a long manual? Product reviews are also popular when it comes to purchase decisions. And then there are of course a lot of influencers with interesting, funny and entertaining videos on all kinds of topics, not to mention trendy music videos. In short, you simply can’t get past YouTube today when it comes to online marketing.

So it’s no wonder that about one billion users worldwide enjoy YouTube every month. This makes YouTube the largest video portal in the world, which makes it so interesting for companies, freelancers and influencers.

Every minute, no less than 300 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube alone. This is because the time spent in front of the television by 18-49 year-olds is constantly decreasing, while the time spent on YouTube has risen by 71 percent in 2016 alone, and the trend is growing.

Huge numbers of people can therefore be reached via YouTube at no cost – a considerable potential!


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Nothing works without an algorithm

Nothing works without an algorithm

Like all other social media, nothing works without an algorithm. Because YouTube uses it to decide who appears at the top of the list of search results. Things like number of views and likes, how many followers or subscribers you have and whether they leave comments and share your post are taken into account.

The number of subscribers and views alone is not enough, because YouTube also wants to see that there is something going on with your channel and that a community is being built that actively participates.

If this is the case, your channel and your content will be listed in the search results in the most sought-after top positions. As a result, more people will see your videos and give you Likes and hopefully become your subscribers.

YouTube views, likes, subscribers - with Social Proof to success

Getting many views, likes, comments and subscribers is not only important because of the YouTube algorithm. All these indicators are part of your social proof. The interactions show random visitors that you are popular. You are automatically identified as an authority in your niche and attract interest.

So it’s in the nature of humans to look closer where other users are already active. We are all social beings and not for nothing the platforms are called social media. Comments are read almost as gladly as the videos themselves. And then a commentary is quickly written by the users themselves. Also Likes are more generously assigned, if there are already many Likes, because humans tend to join the majority.

So to get the most out of your YouTube presence, it is important to get as many likes, views, subscribers and comments as possible. Because these will automatically trigger a real snowball effect. Your content will be promoted and your sales through the online platform will grow steadily.

How can you get YouTube views, likes and subscribers?

The first commandment is of course to upload really high quality content and offer the viewers a real added value. Remember that the competition is really huge. There are plenty of good videos on most topics, if yours is mediocre, you won’t care about looks. Make the videos as professional as possible, so good music, good lighting, good shots, good editing. Choose the topic carefully and analyze your target audience first. Because no matter how great the video is, if your target audience is not interested, it’s all for free.

Post regularly. Today’s world is fast moving and users are used to a good and successful YouTube channel. Also make sure you have the correct time for uploading. This can vary depending on the target group.

Network YouTube channel with your other social media platforms, this increases the reach tremendously and makes more people aware of you and your great videos.

It is also a good idea to integrate the channels of other YouTubers on your YouTube channel. This is very easy with the option ” Featured Channels”. If you are able to link to a well established YouTube with thousands of followers, you will easily get new fans and you can really boost your channel. However, this is only realistic if you have many subscribers, because one hand washes the other, the deal must be attractive for both.

The preview image (thumbnail) is also of great importance, because after all this encourages users to watch your video. A thumbnail automatically selected by YouTube is definitely not a good idea. You better make some effort with the thumbnail – it’s worth it!

In spite of all efforts, you too will unfortunately have to realize that it is anything but easy, especially in the beginning, to get many views, likes, subscribers and comments – the competition is just too big.

YouTube Marketing with YouTube views, likes and subscribers

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