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Increase range on periscope

Increase range on periscope






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That’s why you should do periscope marketing:

That’s why you should do periscope marketing:

Periskop is still a young social media platform with ever-increasing new users every year. The competition for you in your industry is usually still quite small, since only few people know this innovative platform. On the platform, you will be able to stream either with your tablet, your smartphone or your PC. This can be a big advantage for you, because you can introduce new products of your company or just entertain people and reach more subscribers.

Many big Youtuber or Twitch livestreamer also share their livestream on periscope to get more viewers.

The reach

With periscope marketing, you can easily promote your brand without spending a lot of money. After all, the competition on Periscope is much lower than on Instagram or Twitter.

Build a brand for yourself

Periscope to be truly successful, you should build a real identity and go live constantly and regularly. Only then can your followers be sure to hear from you at all times.

Perfect for introducing new products

Periscope is perfect for introducing your new products and presenting them to your audience.

Achieve more interaction

The best thing about the periscope is that the reaction rate is very high. This is because on the one hand the platform has a lot of users and on the other hand very few people who could really upload. For this reason the competition for you is very low and you can be promoted to the best stream on periscope within a very short time.

Better presence 98%
Reach more people 89%
Boost product promotion 89%
Encourage engagements 95%

search engine optimization

On the one hand you can reach more followers and prospective customers either for your business or you as a personality through periscope. On the other hand, if you link your website to periscope, you will be able to create super backlinks. Especially new and innovative sites, as well as periscope, are rated by Google as particularly good and you rise in a Google SEO ranking significantly to the top.

Spread yourself

Once you have a certain number of followers, it's easy to set up there. You therefore have an exponential defect in your follower number. If you've ever had a social media profile, you know it's almost as difficult to get from 100 to 200 followers as it is to get from 1000 to 2000. So why not help a little to push this process a little?
So when you share your broadcast and users see that your profile has a huge following, they would be interested in watching it too. As a result, your stream will get many viewers. Having a massive following will act to give other users a push to watch your broadcasts.

The followers are decisive

With an always and always listen follower number, you reach always and always more buyers. That's a fact. For this reason, it is particularly worthwhile to invest once in a high number of followers, so that organic followers are constantly following and you can acquire masses of buyers afterwards over the next few years.

Is it worth buying follower?

Especially on this platform it is worthwhile to buy the lazy one simply. Because as already said, you have a low competition, and you can already with a little more followers to your other users on periscope to outdo. This will give you a huge competitive advantage and you can move your business forward.

Keep the whole simple

Imagine how difficult it would be to stream on periscope every day to get 10 to 15 more followers every day. It would take months or even years for you to reach your desired number of followers. Why not make it easy and buy the followers you need from famous.io now to continue growing organically?




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