Reach more Likes, plays and followers as well as downloads on Soundcloud!

Improve your Soundcloud channel now by buying likes, plays and followers!

Reach more Likes, plays and followers as well as downloads on Soundcloud!

Improve your Soundcloud channel now by buying likes, plays and followers!


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That's why you should do sound cloud marketing:

That's why you should do sound cloud marketing:

Many successful musicians and DJs from the music industry have released their first remixes and songs on Soundcloud. It could not be denied that SoundCloud contributed a large part to their success, namely that they were quickly heard by many people. And that’s the big advantage of SoundCloud. Unlike YouTube or any other social media platform, it’s much easier to get more reach after a short time because this platform is completely different and also offers smaller artists the chance to get new reach quickly. Scouts from well-known music labels are also romping around on this platform and I am on the lookout for new super talent. That’s why you should definitely do soundcloud marketing if you want to be successful.

The way is the goal

Being on the road on Soundcloud and releasing a lot of cool remixes is really great. But there is one thing you shouldn't ignore: your goal. Do you just want to be a small music producer who only gives his chance to his friends and acquaintances? Or do you want to be someone of whom all mankind could speak?

Orient yourself on the trends

It is often important to keep up with trends and to be able to keep up with the necessary vibe of the times. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that you remain true to yourself and keep your own track.

Generate attention!

Even though Soundcloud is a class platform in itself to promote its music, you should definitely use other social media platforms to make your music even more popular. Therefore, Twitter or Facebook is a great way to help you build a wider reach faster.


If you are still in doubt whether Soundcloud is the right choice for you as a DJ or musician, we have summarized some important facts for you here:

already over ten million musicians release their songs on Soundcloud
worldwide there are over 175 million listeners on Soundcloud
per minute are uploaded over 10 hours of music material.

Even though these numbers are phenomenal, they present you with a challenge. Namely the challenge to assert yourself against your competitors and to create a big audience yourself. SoundCloud Marketing helps you with this

Better presence 99%
Reach more listeners 97%
Get featured 96%
Become a popular artist 99%


In order to be really successful, you should consider in advance which target group you want to address with your music and how you want your audience to interact with you as quickly as possible. You write down your individual goals on a piece of paper and act according to them in order to reach your goal as fast as possible.


Of course it is always easiest to start where most people have their taste in music. That would be in Germany, for example, currently the rap or RnB area or still the pop area. With this genre you drive therefore best. Of course you have to like it too, because otherwise it's no fun for them either. But one thing is the most important: stay true to yourself.


Many successful DJs such as Avicii or similar artists have already proven it. Making a remix of more or less known songs can bring you an incredible success overnight.


Soundcloud it is important to get the most plays in the shortest time possible. You should work according to a sophisticated strategy and not be able to stand out from the competition...


The recognition value for you as an artist is the most important thing you should bring with you. Then you can always orient yourself to the current trends of your listeners, but you should always bring a personal touch into the remix.


With the right lyrics, your remix on Soundcloud can get a lot more plays when people are looking for that hashtag. That's why it's always a good idea to pick the latest and most popular tags so you can benefit from them...