Using SoundCloud efficiently

Using SoundCloud efficiently

SoundCloud is certainly one of the most popular and well-known social media platforms in the music sector. It is mainly used by aspiring and hopeful musicians who have not yet managed to get airtime on local stations. Many of these independent and very talented musicians experience the frustration of making really good music but simply not being heard. SoundCloud offers a great opportunity to finally make your music and of course yourself as an artist known.

But for you to be able to use the full potential of SoundCloud and be successful, you should have a good plan. Because SoundCloud is also very competitive and it takes some effort to reach your goal.

The secret for a good result is certainly, as with all other social media platforms, the largest possible number of followers, plays, likes and comments – in other words, reach and interaction.

Here are a few more good reasons to discover and use SoundCloud for you

  • More than 175 million listeners currently use the SoundCloud platform
  • About 12 hours of music per minute are uploaded to SoundCloud
  • In total, more than 10 million musicians roam the SoundCloud social network

As you can see, if you plan your SoundCloud appearance carefully now, you will be right on trend! Or maybe you’ve been around for a while, but still haven’t made it to a resounding success? Here you will find valuable tips in both cases, which will certainly help you to give your career a boost!


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How to achieve success on SoundCloud

How to achieve success on SoundCloud

In order to use SoundCloud efficiently and effectively, your goals must be clearly defined and you should also determine who exactly is your target audience. Because this way you can orientate yourself on this strategy and your goals and your efforts have a concrete direction. Simply publishing any songs wildly and without a strategy will most likely not lead to the goal.

Your success on SoundCloud clearly depends on how many people listen to your songs and hopefully like them. To make it happen, they have to find you first. Since the competition is fierce, this is anything but easy in practice.

If you define your target group exactly, you can address them much more targeted. Consider age, education, interests, place of residence, etc. The more precise you are, the better. Also note the time of day at which this target group is typically on the road at SoundCloud, as this is important for the time and days of the week of your posts.

It’s also important that you promote your music on other social media channels and point them to your SoundCloud account. The more presence you have, the better.

Always produce high quality music that makes you stand out from the crowd. In case of doubt, the more extraordinary the music is, the less difficult it is to stand out from others. In overflowing genres you will quickly get lost in the masses.

Be active on a regular basis so that your fans really get something out of you.

Generate as much interest as possible on SoundCloud and all other social media platforms. That way you increase your reach, generate traffic, get a better ranking and get the important social proof that nothing works on social media without.

Social proof is achieved when you can get many followers, likes, re-posts or comments for you and your account. This is so important because SoundCloud has been proven to make visitors more likely to listen to a song, give a like or comment if many people have done so before. The human being is simply a social being and is attracted by large numbers of like-minded people.

It is important that you know your audience well. That way you can reach them through their preferred social media channels. For example, the younger your audience is, the less you meet them on Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok are much better suited for this. For older generations, Facebook and Twitter are certainly a good idea. Also analyze whether your audience is more likely to be at live concerts, in clubs or elsewhere. You see, with a little research you can target your audience more specifically and promote your music and your SoundCloud channel.

A good strategy is also to produce good remixes, because most people love them and they win the hearts of the fans. That’s why many big names in the music scene have started with these very productions – remixes and reeditions. This is a relatively easy way to get into conversation. But please do not forget to mention the name of the original artist, otherwise you can easily be accused of plagiarism.

Get lots of SoundCloud plays, likes and comments

The first bid on SoundCloud is to get as many plays as possible. Because then you will typically get likes, comments and re-posts quickly – at least in the ideal case.

buy-real-facebook-commentsThe decisive step here is first of all an appealing artwork. This should be well done and have a lot of meaning. By the way, it doesn’t have to be that expensive and most people have someone in their circle of acquaintances who can help. If you don’t know anybody, the service is cheaper than you might think and costs only a few Euros. The investment is worth it in any case, because after all the artwork is the first impression you make.

It is best to use tags as well, so your music can be assigned to a certain genre and you will be found faster when searching.

Unfortunately, you will also find out that it’s really hard to get noticed with your own songs and to get a lot of interactions and followers, especially at the beginning with all the competition on SoundCloud. Therefore a wonderful strategy is to buy SoundCloud followers, likes, comments, plays, etc.

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