One of the fastest evolving social media platforms, Tiktok has witnessed a massive rise in demand in the past few months, especially during the quarantine period. It’s been an amazing platform for people who look forward to interacting, knowing, and discovering unknown things. It’s shocking to knowhow many users are on Tiktok.

 Tiktok comes with a plethora of features, allowing people to post, like, comment, share, etc. Sometimes its cringe, sometimes funny, but it’s addictive for sure.

Some people believe that Tiktok is just a replacement for Vine. But, it’s much more than that. It’s an expressive platform that people prefer nowadays to express their thoughts and creations to the outer world. But, how did Tiktok become so popular lately? Let’s find out the mystery behind Tiktok’s sudden online boost.

how many users are on Tiktok


Why is Tiktok so popularly used? 

You must know that Tiktok is a popular Android and iOS application that’s mostly used for sharing and creating videos and photos. It was launched in 2016 in China.

Wondering what’s special about Tiktok that it became so widespread in the last year? Tiktok stands out from the rest of the social media platforms in the sense that it’s more of an entertainment platform, rather than a lifestyle platform. Another aspect that’s well appreciated by users is its smooth interface. Anyone can use Tiktok, without being a tech-savvy person. Considering Tiktok’s current popularity, developers are trying to improve its customer services and boost its growth further.

Now that you know what makes Tiktok stand out let’s know in detail how many users are on Tiktok.

The current user base of Tiktok

Tiktok has experienced a massive rise in its user base over the past five years. But the growth in the last year has been the most spectacular. As of January 2021, statistics show that more than 399 million people are using Tiktok. This data indicates that Tiktok is the seventh-largest social media platform in terms of its user base.

If you are wondering whether Tiktok’s growth is faster as compared to other applications, yes it’s. Instagram reached a similar user base in six years. Tiktok achieved it in just 3 years. Facebook, took more than four years to earn such a huge user base.

That being said, remember that the statistic given above doesn’t include the user base of China. That’s because Tiktok operates in China under a different name. The Chinese edition of Tiktok is equally popular. More than 1 billion Chinese users Tiktok daily. This number has however increased in present times, owing to the improvement in the application’s services. The covid pandemic is another reason leading to an increased number of Tiktok users.

How many downloads does Tiktok have? 

Going back to the last year, there were a total of 315 million Tiktok downloads across the globe. This number of likely to increase in 2021 and will keep increasing in the future. This is the highest number of downloads any social media application has registered in just 4 months.

how many users are on Tiktok


Again, due to this global pandemic, people have intended to download the Tiktok app, trying to learn something from it. Under lockdown, people are at their homes, spending more time on their phones. They are constantly looking out for better entertainment facilities. Tiktok has certainly provided a fair share of entertainment throughout the lockdown period.

The statistics are given on how many users are on Tiktok enough to prove how effective Tiktok has become in recent times. Tiktok made a smooth entry into the market and has continued to evolve steadily. There was no looking back for Tiktok. It successfully catered to the varying needs of every user. Note that Tiktok’s presence is not only growing in the western sector but also in India and China.

Keep a track of these latest statistics to understand the functioning of social media sites. These statistics reflect a lot of information about a particular application. Considering the user base of Tiktok, it’s clearly understood that Tiktok isn’t something that will fade away with time. It has established its position and relevance in today’s world. It’s here to stay. Here is answer to the question ‘how many users are on TikTok?’