Tiktok is recently everyone’s favorite social media platform. It has witnessed massive growth in the past few months, especially during the entire lockdown. Earlier Tiktok was hardly preferred. It used to be a place where teens mostly did lip-syncs and dances, but now, there are rich communities of people who share informative and engaging content on Tiktok and enjoy healthy interaction with others. If you too are using Tiktok nowadays and want to know how to go viral on Tiktok, follow the below-mentioned tips for effective results:

  • When uploading any video keep it as short as possible

Unless it’s important to upload a one-minute video, consider uploading short videos. Keep clips to the point. Tiktok doesn’t consider the length of the video. Instead, it considers the length of watch time and evaluates the video quality accordingly. People on Tiktok are more likely to watch short videos of 8 to 10 seconds than they are to watch a 48 seconds long video.

How to go viral on Tiktok


Include trending music in your videos, irrespective of whether or not you use voice-over. Tiktok allows its users to choose their favorite songs and add them to their stories. Try to follow the trend as much as possible. Anytime you post pictures or videos on Tiktok, adding a song to the background, along with a voice-over is the best thing to do.

  • Tell a story 

The next effective hack on how to go viral on Tiktok is to tell people engaging stories. Dance videos do go viral, but interesting stories are more likely to catch the attention of people ok Tiktok. Also, unless and until you are a professionally trained dancer, your dance might not be appealing to people. So the only way to collect likes, comments, and shares on Tiktok is by telling compelling and interesting stories. The stories, however, must be original and can be anything.

  • Share tips, advice, favorite things

Tiktok has evolved with time, becoming resourceful in the process. Not just for entertainment, but people also use Tiktok to learn things. So, if you know any subject, share it with others. People are preferring to watch informative videos nowadays. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can create videos listing the brands you like and share some of your favorite fashion products with your followers.

  • Include random details in the comment section of other posts 

If there’s anything like the biggest viral hack, it’s that people enjoy commenting random things on random videos that appear on their timeline. The video might be on any possible topic. But if you make a weird comment on that video, about a particular subject or issue, people on Tiktok are likely to see it, react to it and some might even respond. People might even leave little details, replying to your comment. They may take interest in sharing whatever they know on the topic you have commented on. This becomes an interesting interaction eventually.

  • Leave some comments unanswered 

This is the key to getting further comments in your next post. Don’t answer everyone. Don’t answer every query. This way, people will wait to get a reply from you and are expected to comment on your next posts, hoping for a reply. This ultimately helps your video to perform well.

  • Talk about controversial issues 

Commenting on Tiktok is important if you are willing to become popular among other people. If there’s any controversial topic brewing around us, talk about it. If there’s any topic in which people don’t seem to stand together, take your stand. Share your views. Those who are in support of your view will comment and people who are against it are also expected to comment. So, indulge in healthy interaction with your followers. You might earn a few haters, but that’s okay.

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How to go viral on Tiktok


People tend to overuse hashtags on Tiktok, especially #fyp. Don’t use generic hashtags on TikTok. Use relevant ones, that too very few. Use tags related to the niche in which you are posting. The right hashtags will fetch you an increased engagement rate. Using relevant hashtags is a good hack to implement but if you are posting content that is sure to appeal to a wide audience base, we advise users to not ruin the post by adding hashtags. Let Tiktok’s algorithm do its job and decide who shall see your video.