In this article, we are going to learn when did Tiktok come out and it’s popularity. In the year 2014, a social media application called gained a lot of popularity. The primary aim of this app was to create videos in combination with famous songs. The most common use of this app was creating videos in which they could lip-sync and dance together. By the mid of 2017, the app had more than 200 million users. In the year 2016, ByteDance, a China-based app creator developed an application called Douyin as a competitor of

when did TikTok come out


It was initially launched in China but later on, it was renamed TikTok for an improved global appeal. In a year, the TikTok application had over 100 million users and the fame of lip sync videos started rising. In the later part of 2017, was taken over by ByteDance for $ 800 Million.

How does TikTok function?

Someone who has a TikTok account can create videos by incorporating special effects, music, audio, and visual effects too. The main aim is to develop videos that can grab the attention and interest of the users in a few seconds to stop the scrolling activity and pay all the attention. The more time that is spent by a user on a particular TikTok video, the higher the chances are for it to become viral.

There is also a page called TikTok for you and it is the most well-known part of TikTok. It is where the users explore new content added by the algorithm of TikTok. When any user starts the app, at first they can see them for your page only. Just like Instagram and Twitter, the majority of the part of this platform works according to what is going on in the trend with the help of hashtags that help users in searching for the content.

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When someone opens TikTok, he/she can find a plethora of different videos to welcome. The majority of these videos are of comedy, music, or any other challenge video. A lot of users are using this video-sharing app for expressing themselves and sharing their life with other people distinctively. An informative guide on TikTok can help you know why users who are more than the age of 20 hardly find any relevance with the content of this app.

But those who are in the demographic age can gain millions of followers and views. The most difficult part about understanding this application is the short content.

It features video content that has a length of 15 seconds. It also offers an option for sharing videos that are almost 1 minute long but generally, there are no limits to videos and no option for sharing text or images.

These limitations make it a bit difficult for the app to be understood when you start using it initially. Till 2019, more than 1 billion users had downloaded. With the growth of the platform, it is emerging and attracting the interest of both celebrities and brands. It has increased a lot from the date when did TikTok come out.

TikTok for Marketing 

If you are a business owner, you can try TikTok to showcase your brand. Even in the present years, there is comparatively low competition in terms of business on the social media platforms amongst small-scale and medium-scale companies. You might be thinking TikTok to be used for business same as Instagram Stories. They are not designed to increase your sales but show your business’s personality too.

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The very first video on TikTok for business people is introducing oneself as well as their business. You just need to remember the fact that you need to make your business feel more personal so that more and more people can relate to your business. You can also check the ongoing challenges that are popular to know whether a TikTok influencer that you can get into partnership with. These are also called branding and hashtag challenges in which any business can give their sponsorship to the hashtag by challenging the users to develop content related to the new theme.

when did TikTok come out


This is overall an informative guide on TikTok on when did TikTok come out can be very useful for those who are new users on TikTok or beginners. This information can give you a clear picture of TikTok and its emergence as a well-known social media platform. There are a lot of features offered by this platform that make it so popular amongst users across the world. Here is answer to your question, when did Tiktok come out.