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Twitch has received a lot of popularity and has exceptional growth over the last few years as an entertainment and video games streaming platform. With a lot of popularity, the streamers in the platform can get a lot of viewership and tons of donations. However, which is the biggest donation on Twitch?


biggest donation on twitch

From the last few years, fans and audiences of Twitch have set $10 and $20 bills as a standard donation amount. However, many fans do not hesitate to spend an enormous amount on their favourite streamers most of the time. It has been seen that most of the fans have made a donation of $1000 on live streams of their favourite streamer to encourage or to show their support towards them.

In this article, we are going to discuss the biggest donation on Twitch history. So without any further delay, let’s get started-

Biggest donation on Twitch history:

    1. Space Lyon ( Superchat of $10,000k       While Playing Fortnite)

Space Lyon is a popular Twitch streamer, with more than 314K subscribers on Twitch. He is well known among the audience for his time in Fortnite. For his extraordinary skills and timing, he has received a lot of donations during his live stream. Once, he got a donation of $10,000K for his incredible talent. As of now, he is investing and streaming a lot of time in playing Fall Guys and Valorant.

2. CourageJD ( Received $10,000 Donation From Subscribers )

Even after shifting the platform, CourageJD is counted among the biggest gaming influencer all over the world. He tries his hands in every first-person shooting and shooting game. He is well known among the audience for his exceptional skills in notable titles like Call Of Duty and Fortnite. Currently, he is well-known in the gaming field and has millions of followers, but he struggled a lot while starting his career. However, a 10,000 dollar is the primary reason, which changed his luck in the gaming and lives streaming scene.

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3. Exotic Chaotic ( Receives Superchat of $75,000 While Streaming )

Exotic Chaotic is one of the Twitch streamers who has received a lot of attention and love from the audience within a short period. With having 16.4k subscribers on Twitch, Exotic Chaotic has received a superchat of $75,000 from one of his subscribers named King Mascot. This massive superchat worked as a catalyst to boost his confidence, and now he is actively streaming Valorant and other popular games on his channel.

4. Cau7ion ( Received $5000 While Streaming Apex Legends )

Cau7ion is one of the Apex legends streamers who is well known for his game skills and strategies. Continuing with Apex Legends for a long time, he has developed many extraordinary skills and reflexes. He is well-known in the Twitch and gaming community for his gaming skills and reflexes.

During a Fortnite stream on Twitch, he received a donation of $5000, which worked as an excellent booster for his gaming and streaming career.

5. Ninja ( Received $50,000 From Mr Beast)

Popular streamer and Fortnite player Ninja is well-known among gamers around the world. For his exceptional skills, he is counted among the best Fortnite players. However, Ninja does not stream on Twitch anymore.

Once conducting a charity stream on his channel, Ninja received $50,000 from a popular Youtuber named Mr Beast, having more than 50 Million subscribers. This can be counted as the most expensive donation in Twitch history ever.

6. Dr Lupo ( Receive $1,000,000 From Twitch )

biggest donation on Twitch

The popular streamer Dr Lupo has conducted a charity stream to donate money to cancer patients and cancer research. Surprisingly, Twitch- the platform on which he is streaming surprises Dr Lupo with a massive donation of $1,000,000 for helping cancer patients. This sweet gesture by Twitch is counted as the biggest donation on Twitch history ever made.

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So these are the list of biggest donations on Twitch history ever made. Most people assume that living and making money as a live gaming streamer and content creator is easy. However, most of them are unaware of the hard work, dedication and effort these streamers put into their game. Most streamers invest a lot of time learning new game tactics, scheduling their live streaming sessions and doing exciting things to fascinate their viewers.

Growing and expanding on the online platform like Twitch is not that easy. You need to put a lot of time and effort to become a prominent influencer. However, you can eliminate this time-taking process by preferring organic and straightforward techniques.