Ever thought of a platform for music streaming? can you play copyrighted music on twitch? If you are not a celebrity musician yet wish to share the four-line song you just created with the outside world?  Then there is no better place than a Twitch app/ website. Now one of the questions that arise in your mind being a regular twitch user is that If you do food and travel shows, talk shows, and live music shows, you can start broadcasting all of them via Twitch.

But whenever you need background music for the content you post on Twitch, you tend to copy and link some of your most favorite songs sung by the best musicians in the world. No wonder most of them will be copyrighted and wouldn’t be legal if you make some changes to it or even use it for commercial purposes. To learn more about the music copyright rules, keep reading.

Can you play copyrighted music on Twitch? Music copyright issues on Twitch

can you play copyrighted music on twitch

Twitch creates a lot of talented people every day. Those who have stage fear can quickly start making content at the comfort of their homes, share them, and gain an audience. Twitch values all the creators worldwide. Twitchhence the question “can you play copyrighted music on twitch”? Has got a straightforward answer- ‘No.’

It is illegal to use copyriTwitchmusic oTwitchch; the twitch purpose is anything. Using any copyrighted songs/ BGMs for past broadcasts, past premieres, highlights, clips, or uploads is rTwTwitchd on Twitch. MP3/ CDs of the original music version are available just intending to share the musician’s work with the world outside. It becomes a violation of the law if you use the music created by someone else to gain subscribers or for promotions.

  • Twitch is a beautiful platform for games; in fact, it is an excellent platform for anyone talented. People hosts live shows and broadcast them on their Twitch channels.
  • In specific scenarios, a piece of background music or few lines of your favorite song in between would be necessary to give that extra beauty to the content you post.
  • You download or check your playlist and link that song to your Twitch app without a second thought. But it is to be noted that most of the songs by famous musicians are copyrighted.
  • This gives respect and value to the music they have created or sung. It prevents frauds from misusing the original music content. But does twitch support copyrighted music on the app/ website?

What are the alternatives?

can you play copyrighted music on twitch

Those who are in the mid-way of using the Twitch app find it beneficial to buy subscribers via social media service providers like , which helps in enhancing the reachability of their content. You can earn up to 7500 followers and even re-order if you are satisfied. The more the number of subscribers you have, the more the reach of your content. Hence, choosing the music for your content wisely is vital, following all the rules and regulations. To learn more about the alternatives to using copyrighted music on Twitch, see the guidelines below:-

  • Twitch has an exclusive in-built soundtrack with some fully licensed songs from various artists across the world. Hence, those in search of music content on the Twitch app use the soundtrack for better results.
  • Considering can you play copyrighted music on twitch, You can either use the music created or owned by you, licensed to you, or those you pick from the soundtrack playlists while streaming or sharing on-demand videos.
  • Twitch has an automated system that deletes clips with copyrighted music, and necessary actions will be taken against the users who violate this rule.


Streaming content on Twitch is a great way to bring out your passion to the public and is a good source of income too. However, you need to be careful that the content streaming from your devices does not violate any law/ disrespect the original creators. Twitch has taken a great step by providing a clear-cut no to the question, “can you play copyrighted music on twitch?” To have a fantastic streaming experience, it is highly recommended to learn more about the music copyright guidelines before you start. This will ease your everyday video streaming process, and you wouldn’t have to deal with any of the legal issues or violations when the content goes live.