Twitch is the leading, most-watched, and most traffic-occupied social media platform for people who like to watch live streams and build real connections. As with any social media platform, with followers comes opportunities. Let’s see how much does a twitch streamer makes through these opportunities. Gamers and Esports fans consider Twitch to be their common spot to learn new skills, entertain themselves, make new friends and watch their favorite steamers game.

Twitch is a platform where steamers, gamers, content creators, and influencers can build relationships a lot faster than any other social media application. This is because of the motto Twitch was based on, which is letting developers create their community with people who follow the same interest pathways as them. The live streaming feature most widely used on Twitch is one of the biggest reasons for its success. Seeing an influencer live communicating directly with the audience builds trust and engagement within the followers.

There are many ways one could earn using social media. Some of these methods include getting paid by the application for bringing in traffic, getting donations from followers, building a brand, and diverting followers towards the said brand, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. Having followers on a social media platform alone is not enough to attract brands. Brands look for loyal followers, the ones who trust the influencer they follow and use the products recommended by them. This kind of bond is easiest to make on Twitch. Hence, how much does a twitch streamer makes varies, but earning with help of twitch is possible.

how much does a twitch streamer makes

How much does a Twitch streamer make?

Twitch is any gamer’s dream, especially ones that love the social side of it. Twitch allows gamers to demonstrate their gaming skills to their fans through direct live streams, with no editing for 24 hours. Depending on the hours played, consistency of uploads, and the number of views scored, steamers get paid for playing games. Often they are paid to play a certain game to promote it to their followers.

Twitch’s popularity has been on the rise ever since it launched, with over three million viewers per month, it is the go-to destination for gamers for entertainment. While it is difficult to say how much does a Twitch streamer makes on average, most make atleast five thousand to ten thousand US dollars.

Methods to earn money on Twitch

There are several different ways one can make money on Twitch. Some of them are-

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Donations
  • Custom Merchandise
  • Tournament Winnings
  • Sponsorships

Some decide to earn by using just one method, some use a combination of different methods to earn on Twitch. The most effective way to earn guaranteed money through Twitch is Affiliate Marketing and tournaments, given the user is a very skilled gamer. There are some criteria that need to be met before becoming an Affiliate on Twitch, once this criterion is met, Twitch automatically invites influencers to be an affiliate. Some of these criteria are-

  • Stream engaging, good-quality videos for at least 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Stream on atleast 7 days in 30 days.
  • Receive a minimum of three views on every stream.
  • Grow your following to atleast 50.

Once these criteria are met and Twitch has invited one to become an affiliate, some more opportunities one might get are Twitch bits, Twitch subscriptions, and merchandise. Once a user starts generating enough traffic, they can also qualify to become Twitch partners upon invitation. Twitch partners get to run video ads that generate good revenue. Twitch also gives streamers half of the Turbo subscription money depending on their following. The top players who earn from Twitch earn upto 20 million US dollars in a year.

how much does a twitch streamer make

Winning money from prizes

While Twitch is widely used for decorated gamers who have climbed the social ladder, some of these are extremely skilled as well. Some gamers on Twitch participate in major league games organized by Esports. Esports also appreciates its name on TV through Twitch. Participants and gamers who win can win up to five million US dollars from a single game. Hence, skill is always helpful as well as good, loyal followers. Getting followers can sometimes be tasking. In such conditions, it is best to take some external help and focus on developing skills. More followers attract other followers as well.