Twitch remains a huge success even after so many years of its origin in march 2017. Twitch’s success is all thanks to its creators, streamers, and millions of viewers and followers?

You probably have heard of streamers outside of Twitch doing brand endorsements and being huge on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Now one question might arise, how much does Twitch pay, and how are the most popular streamers like Ninja and Tfue making so much money? It is because of how much does Twitch pay or does most of their income comes from second parties like brand endorsements and collaborations. Ninja, for example, has used his popularity on Twitch and opened his brand.

Twitch is for people who love the social side of gaming. Some of the top streamers on twitch can make millions of people watch them play games and chat with them. This is quite astonishing.

how much does Twitch pay

Twitch streamers’ sources of income


Viewers can donate bits to their favorite streamers on Twitch, and these bits are worth $0.01 dollar each. The more bits one buys, the more its value falls. To put it in simpler words, you get bits for cheaper if you buy more of it, but streamers always earn 1 penny per bit. This is a very easy way of making money on Twitch. If you have a lot of viewers, this proves to be a great source of income.


Subscribers make up a huge part of a twitch streamers’ income. 50 percent of the subscription fees go to the streamers, which are available in increments of $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 per month.

Perks of being a subscriber include but are not limited to getting to chat during streams and view ad-free content of the channel.

Prime subscribers’ subscription price is $4.99 per month, and they make up around 50% of the income from subscribers. Every prime subscription means $2.49 dollars to the streamer. As long as the subscribers remain subscribed, streamers earn this subscription money every month.

how much does Twitch pay


This is a very popular source of income on YouTube, and so it is on Twitch. Income from advertisements makes up the largest part of a streamers’ income on Twitch.

This income is based on cost per 1000 views. You wouldn’t want to put too many ads because fewer people are watching your stream since ads put off the viewers.

The cost earned by a streamer varies from season to season and from time to time, but it generally ranges from $2 to $10 per 1000 views.

Twitch streamers make around $500 dollars per 200 subscribers. This means that a twitch steamer with 2000 subscribers can earn around $5000. That’s a lot to earn just from advertisements. Good for the streamers!


Just like any other social media platform, companies are always on the lookout for influential streamers. These streamers should also go with the brand and are not chosen just based on their subscribers. This sponsorship usually means playing your sponsor’s game or using the equipment provided by your sponsor on your channel’s public stream.

Twitch pay and the effective earning made by the top users

So, this answers your question on how much does Twitch pay. If you are good at what you do on Twitch, then your income will match up with your dedication and skills. Among the most popular Twitch streamers are outstanding professional gamers. Their combined abilities within those two professions make them significant influencers among their playing and viewing audiences.

It is believed that such top ten Twitch streamers generate a collective total of approximately $20 million.

Please keep in mind that there aren’t any typical video games where you can just remain in front of your computer and enjoy all day. The cliché is correct in that they appear to be insightful and intelligent business types who have discovered a method to harness the possibilities of their game talents.

On the other hand, Twitch streamers are much more than folks who spend the majority of their time playing video games. They are performers and entertainers. The comments and conversations are far more important to the audience than any innate gaming ability they may possess. It is unnecessary to be a competent gamer in every game needed to be a great Twitch streamer. The viewers tune in with the Twitch channels to The cost have a good time. Your subscribers pay a monthly fee in exchange for the ability to see you consistently.

If you want Twitch to be your source of income, then choose a niche and start attracting viewers through your dedication, hard work, and lastly, your entertainment skills. I hope this article on how much does Twitch pay  proved to be helpful. Happy streaming!