For twitch streamers or moderators, they need to maintain the environment and decorum of the chat room. This is one of the main reasons why people need to be aware of how to ban someone on twitch as a twitch user. For those of you who are wondering what twitch is, it is a community that helps people to engage with like-minded people on the internet. Having said that, there is a fair share of intrusive and abusive users on all platforms that facilitate engagement among people, twitch is no exception to that.

Despite trying to come up with a closely-knit community, twitch happens to have users who are not adjusting and are quite intrusive on the contrary. Mainstream social media platforms at the time become so toxic and difficult to be on, people often scrap off users who are either making incendiary comments on the internet or simply blocking them.

how to ban someone on twitch

How is twitch different from other social media platforms?

Despite being a social media platform that allows people to make engagements virtually, a majority of social media platforms do not provide the users to take care of such toxic behaviors. On the other hand, twitch is a community that has been designed closely for people. Providing the trusted members with a variety of benefits, the platform allows users to eliminate negative comments and even ban users from chatting. The moderators and broadcasters are being offered a range of tools to curb such practices which are not only toxic but also bring other users down and can harm people.

So in this article, we will be talking about how to ban someone on twitch as a twitch user both temporarily and permanently.

When should you consider banning people on twitch?

In case you are not sure as to when you should ban people on twitch then don’t worry we have got you covered. Below are some of the instances when you should consider banning the twitch user/ users.

If the user is spamming the box with unwanted messages, sharing pornographic content, negativity or negative messages, derogatory or downgrading messages, posting content that can lead to violence, self-harm, or can trigger problems. In case a user is leaking personal messages or is posting hate speech or even promoting illegal or inappropriate content.

  • If you want to block a twitch user within a chat room then you need to start by opening the stream window and clicking on the chat’s rectangular message box.
  • The next step requires you to type in ban within the chatbox and then type the username whom you want to ban. After you are done typing both, you can press enter.
  • There is also another way following which you will be able to ban twitch users inside the chat room.
  • Click on the username whom you want to ban to open up their profile.
  • You will then find three vertical dots on the profile and if you click on that you will come across a menu ‘block’. This will allow you to hide not only the user but also all their messages within the chat room.

The moment you block the user from the chat room, their entire stream of messages sent inside the chat room will disappear.

how to ban someone on twitch

Timing out a user

In case you are wondering whether or not you will be able to time out twitch users virtually, then the answer is yes. Usually, timing twitch users are done by moderators whenever they want to ban a user temporarily.

  • Type timeout in the chatbox and then the username whom you want to timeout along with the number of seconds you want to keep them blocked.
  • You can also put a timeout on a user temporarily by clicking on their username and then by selecting the clock symbol.
  • You can also ignore a username in a chat by typing ignore and then the username in the chat room. This feature is available for everyone.

Now that you are aware of how to ban someone on twitch it is time for you to take action and clear the usernames who are not adhering to the twitch rules and regulations. Keep your chat box well-maintained and peaceful by scrapping away usernames that are not peaceful and are creating chaos. Here is how to ban someone on twitch.