The Twitch Partnership Program is intended for individuals that are serious about casting and want to advance from Affiliate status. Check here how to become a twitch partner. Twitch Partners are multimedia developers who live stream everything from gaming to songs to discussion shows to artwork to almost anything imaginable. They want to know about us if you enjoy showcasing your work with viewers and maintain a big following on Twitch or even other channels of their own. 

If you are familiar with Twitch, who has been devoting hours to the broadcast, and are ready to learn everything there is to understand regarding the Twitch Partner program, you have come to the right spot! This article will clarify what it means to become a Twitch Partner and lead you throughout the steps of how to become a twitch partner.
how to become a twitch partner

What are the advantages of being a Twitch partner?

To begin, you would be welcomed into an exclusive streamer network of slightly above one percent of the overall quantity of streamers on the network. This is a practice run. Twitch offers their Partner program participants a variety of benefits. You would have exposure to a dedicated assistance group. The Associate Assistance staff will respond to you around 1-2 working days if you experience any problems or just have a framework inquiry. Partnerships, like Affiliates, can promote their streams on the Twitch network in a few different ways:

  • Subscriptions and various emotes on the twitch channel – Twitch Partners can monetize their broadcasts by taking memberships. Four alternatives are available: $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, as well as a special upgradation of Twitch Prime. Individuals that pay for Prime gaming or a free membership, promote your stream.
  • Advertisements and their revenue – Partners may earn money by the number of advertisements being played on the respective streams. Using the Twitch account panel, you would be able to manage the quantity and duration of the mid-roll adverts.
  • Sales of the respective games – Anytime you live stream a game that is available for a discounted price and has in-game stuff inside the Twitch store, your viewers will notice a hyperlink in the account that will take them to the digital store where they may purchase the things you showed.
  • Bits – They are digital animation emotes for your followers that are available in Twitch chat for buying, and people cheer you with the Bits to show their support for you. It is the main popular feature among users, and it is the source of cash for your stream.

how to become a twitch partner

How to Become A Twitch Partner – All You Need to Know:

To be considered as a Twitch partner, you must first meet a series of requirements. You should have met the Twitch Partner conditions for the aforementioned milestones during the previous 30 days to be qualified for the Partner program.

(The milestones you accomplish inside the specified time frame will have a checkbox next to them) To be qualified for Partnership, you must have streamed for a total of 25 hours with 12 unique/different days, and at least have a minimum of 75 average watchers in the stipulated time. Achieving the aforementioned Twitch Partner standards doesn’t earn you immediate status.

Although there is no defined time limit, you must meet the qualifications within one of the 30-day intervals. On your accomplishments panel, an ‘Apply’ option will display once your qualification has been verified. Twitch normally responds to candidates with their choice within seven business days after receiving their application. It’s worth noting that not anyone qualifies for Partner status, although if they meet all of the requirements. It may take greater than one effort to be admitted through into the Twitch Partner program, so don’t give up just because you have failed already.


It’s no surprise that everyone wants to know how to become a Twitch partner, given that being a Twitch Partner is perhaps the utmost coveted milestone for any producer on the site. It places you on the summit of the Twitch leaderboard, with the largest esports organizations, tournaments, and local streams. It’s a long and winding road, but you will reach there eventually. What matters is that you continue pursuing it with enthusiasm and purpose, and you will be recognized and rewarded promptly. Also, growing your digital platform is the foremost step of being a Twitch partner.