In the article below, we are going to discuss the answer to your ‘how to cancel twitch prime?’ question along with knowing about the aforementioned in detail.


What is twitch? The app was developed with a goal to provide people with a platform to stream, where they can watch, play games and have fun with other peeps. It can be managed on both mobiles as well as laptops, whatever you are comfortable with. As you have seen sites selling followers for famous social media platforms, some sites have included twitch in their lists meaning it is no longer underrated.

With twitch followers, getting views for videos is a plus and there are few kinds of sites in the market that make deals for both followers and views together. Many fraud websites are running currently, but not all sites are fake, most are honest and worthy too.

What is twitch prime?

how to cancel twitch prime

Twitch is known as the reward scheme on twitch for prime subscribers. All you have to do is, link your amazon prime account to your twitch account and you will see benefits running your way in different forms. The reward scheme generally includes exciting stuff like a free subscription totally free of charge, game content – as the site is especially for great gamers and a whole set of diverse extra shots.

Among the many other advantages, one which seems to be expensive and the best is that you get to subscribe to any one channel for free, which would have normally charged you a sum of $4.99. This is the best way to support your favourite gamer. Moving ahead, the greatly famous games like warframe and leagues of legends will also provide you with exclusive offers which they offer to twitch prime members only. In the end, all the prime subscribers feel happy to get special attention for free.

How to cancel twitch prime?

how to cancel twitch prime

Twitch Prime is a feature that arrives at your doorstep only when you will pay a certain amount. Usually, the prime time on each website or app has a different plan suiting different user’s taste and so, twitch consist of the same. When you usually don’t like the app’s subscriptions features, for example, you could not get adjusted to twitch subscription then you may notice the question like ‘how to cancel twitch prime?’ in your mind, the question ‘how to cancel twitch prime?’ will arrive even when you can’t afford to spend more on subscription.

At these times, you will have to follow the four steps given below:

  1. Log in – login is of course important for disabling your account or cancelling the prime subscriptions. It is important to remember the password of every account so that it would be easy to slide in your account from anywhere, anytime. Log in to your twitch account.
  2. Setting menu – now, when you enter the main screen, navigate to the right top icon with full settings menu, tap on it, on the appeared slide scroll down till you see ‘settings’ with a usual icon. Tap on it.
  3. Connections tab – after you reach a new screen, on the top bar select the word ‘ connection’. After clicking on it you will see all the accounts you have added with twitch so far, for example, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  4. Disable prime account – on the left-hand side you will see an Amazon box, inside it click on the disable button which will disable your twitch prime account, not the normal account.

That is all, we hope you now have the answer for ‘how to cancel twitch prime?’. If you have followed the steps written above means you have successfully disabled, removed, deleted or cancelled your twitch connection and you can no longer use it again, unless and until you buy or get rewarded with it again. Also, if you are looking for how to disconnect the twitch prime connection on a cell phone or a tablet then sorry, this method was not for you, it will only work for pc users.

Twitch is the no. 1 app for streaming, the gamers around the globe have a good opportunity to earn through gaming from streaming. We would be glad to suggest this app to all the players for streaming.