Ever dreamt of having a unique online platform for playing video games, interacting with other players, and giving them some valuable comments that will cheer them up? Let’s check here how to change profile pictures on Twitch? You would be excited to know everything about a twitch app. To learn more, keep reading. Gamers across the world broadcast their games, along with a mind-blowing commentary that makes your game-watching experience more lively and cheerful.

Millions of users log in regularly on the twitch app or site to watch their favourite gamers play. Twitch can help you build communities and groups among like-minded people. You can watch the content regularly posted by your famous legends by subscribing to their channels. Twitch also provides a lot of live music shows, food and travel shows, and talk show recordings to cater to the needs of every kind of audience worldwide.

how to change profile pictures on Twitch

Is it possible to change the profile picture on a twitch app?

If you enjoy watching live broadcasts on the twitch app and engage with many people every day, you would have noticed that the profile picture becomes your significant identity. Someone visiting your profile or having a conversation with you would be seeing your profile picture all the time, and no wonder if you feel it should be unique. Maybe you wouldn’t have thought much about it, and now you get this question in mind “how to change profile picture on twitch?” Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to change the profile picture on Twitch by following a few steps as given below:-

  • Log in to your twitch account using your username and password
  • Go to channel settings, click on your profile icon on the right, you will get a drop-down menu, where you can find the ‘settings’ option
  • You will see a button ‘add profile picture’ if you have already added and this time you wish to change it, you can do that as well
  • Click on the add profile picture button, and choose the favourite picture of yours, or your brand name, or logo from the gallery of the smartphone or computer
  • The images you select should be in the JPEG, PNG, or GIF and should not exceed a size of 10MB
  • The final step is to save the changes you made

People who joined the twitch app usually wonder how to change profile pictures on Twitch. It is so easy if you know the right way to do it, and Twitch can be done in just 5 minutes. A profile picture Twitch itch can attract more subscribers to your channel and is the best way to promote your brand. Hence, spend some time while you design your logo or choose your brand name. It can have a great impact on the fame and reputation you will earn in the future. 

The answer of how to change profile pictures on Twitch is easy and quick.

how to change profile pictures on Twitch

Key benefits of twitch

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