Live streaming platforms have been continuing to gain large popularity among people of different social groups. People of all age groups enjoy the content of live broadcasting which is present in multiple domains ranging from gaming to talk shows. Costreaming has also become popular among a lot of users. If you are curious about how to costream on twitch, here are all the answers you are looking for. Before moving on to the steps to stream with your friends, you need to be aware of the advantages associated with it. Here is a brief account of the reasons why you need to start co-streaming with your friends.

You gain more followers

If two or more people perform a live broadcast together, all of their followers come together at a single place to watch them. For instance, if two live streamers with 100 followers each make a clip together, the total number of viewers will be around 200. This is nearly double the count of followers they have. Some of your friend’s followers may find your content impressive and therefore decided to start following you. Hence, you can gain at least 10 to 20 extra followers by four streaming with your friends or even unknown people.

Your social network is enhanced

An individual broadly has two options when he decides to stream with other people. Firstly, he can opt for co-streaming with his friends because it is easier to connect with known people on different platforms. Secondly, one can move on to streaming with people who are popular and not necessarily friends with him or her. This way, you can not only build connections on the platform but also enhance your social networking skills. While streaming, you may come across your strengths and aspects where you can do better. You can also seek help from your partner in live streaming with things that you are not familiar with.

Options for live streamers

How To Costream On Twitch

Live streams can be done for gaming, talk shows, food and lifestyle, and many more categories. For instance, if you are live streaming a gaming session, you and your partner can decide upon whether you would like to be teammates or opponents. Both are equally fascinating for users to watch. This is because teammates come up with unique strategies to survive until the end of the game. On the other hand, opponents can show the engagement they have while playing different games. This way, the viewers can see opposite perspectives from which a gamer can play a game.

Authorized streams – How To Costream On Twitch

How To Costream On Twitch

Twitch is a well-known platform, especially among people who like to do live broadcasts together. This is because it only approves authorized streams which prevent minor and major issues of privacy and security breaches. Moreover, authorized streams are notified to common viewers which helps in enhancing the user engagement associated with your channel and hence boost your follower count. This way, a user can avail multiple benefits by making use of a single service. Hence, it can be concluded that live streaming on platforms like twitch comes with added advantages. These benefits may not be applicable on other similar platforms.

Steps on how to stream on twitch

Now, after being familiarized with the benefits, One can follow the steps to know about how to costream on twitch.

  • Firstly, it is important to know that you cannot go stream whenever you want to stop twitch only allows authorized live broadcasts with multiple users. To be well aware of the rules and regulations, you can read the terms and conditions of streaming on the platform.
  • Twitch also organizes events that are specially meant for users who are fans of streaming. One can easily register for these events and get the opportunity to do live broadcasts with famous streamers.
  • This can be done by starting a stream and clicking the ‘add source’ option. After that, one can browse the option that displays the URL of their streamer.
  • One thing that needs to be assured by people who want to stream together is to maintain the quality of the stream. If there is a difference in the quality of the stream, they might suffer glitches with the platform.

Therefore, It would not be wrong to state that streaming with known as well as unknown people has a lot of benefits that are left unexplored by many users. This is a domain that is made for exploring, especially for people who want to grow their followers.

Here is how to Costream on Twitch.