In towards era where social media crime is on the rise everyday, it is important to protect one’s data on social media platforms. It is not difficult to gain access to things like IP addresses from social media accounts hence it is important to learn how to delete Twitch account properly.

Twitch, unlike most social media platforms, bends to suit their creator’s and streamers’ needs rather than making them follow an algorithm.

It is a developer’s dream social media platform to attract business, build a community, connect with different communities, promote their talent and content, and get sponsorships for affiliate marketing as well as promote their brand. Twitch has customized tools to fit everyone’s needs.

On Twitch, creators and followers come from all over the world to not just watch streams on gaming but also food, fashion, travel, architecture, art and just chat and make new friends.

This is an amazing platform to build engagement within the followers as well as the content creators.

Often in such applications or websites, Content creators, viewers, followers, and users give out a lot of personal information available for the public eye to devour.

Online hackers are always sitting, looking for opportunities to extract information from vulnerable accounts. These accounts can hold bank details, phone numbers, addresses, personal interests and hobbies, and much more.

Hence, it is important to stay well protected and learn how to delete Twitch accounts properly so the information on them can not be misused.

how to delete Twitch account

How to delete twitch account?

Twitch is the top, most traffic generating platform for live streamers of gaming shows. Fans of gaming and Esports from all around the world tune into Twitch everyday to watch, learn and support other gamers on Twitch. Many gamers gain success with Twitch, they build their brand, improve their skills, make friends and connections with different communities as well as gain from donations.

While some gamers or content creators decide Twitch is not for them. Fortunately, Twitch has made it easier for its users to delete their data, protect their privacy and remove their accounts.

If one wants to delete their Twitch account permanently, they must keep in mind that all their data will be lost or deleted and would not be available for recovery.

The Twitch username used by the user that was available to the followers will be released and can be taken by any other account or user.

Some gamers and content creators go by a street name or tag name that they always use, often these users have gained popularity on twitch itself. When they delete their accounts, this tag name can get available for grabs and cannot be reserved or locked.

When one is deleting their Twitch account permanently, it is a good idea to inform their followers and their friends as this account are not recoverable. One can go to privacy choices options on Twitch and delete their account from there.

Click on the link to delete your account, choose and fill in the information of the respective account one wants to delete by logging and select delete account.

One can also state the reason for the account deletion. Once the process is complete, Twitch disables the user’s account for 90 days to give them a chance to come back, after that period, the Twitch account is permanently deleted and all the data is wiped out from storage.

how to delete Twitch account

How to disable a Twitch account?

Disabling one’s Twitch account is a lot easier than deleting it permanently and allows the user to come back to the account and recover if they change their mind.

One can access the setting of the streaming page by clicking on their profile pic in the upper right corner.

There they have to login using the details of the specific account they want to disable.

Once this step is complete one has to scroll down to the bottom and click on disable the Twitch account. It is important to make sure that the right twitch account has been disabled to avoid confusion within the followers. This account can be recovered and till the meantime, the data of the user is stored in Twitch’s database.

To have an important, soulful account on twitch, one has to gain an indulgent following. There are many websites that can help a user with that and add more followers. Here is how to delete Twitch account.