In the article below, we are going to study the answer of ‘how to get affiliated on twitch?. While we study the answer, we will also have a look at other important points related to affiliation on the twitch app.

Twitch Affiliation program

In the twitch affiliation program, you will see famous bodies on the twitch app, who have a good or at least an average number of followers are signing up for affiliation with the app, why? To make an official earning out of it. It is created to not only help people get earning and fame but by becoming famous on twitch it means you are attracting new users to the app which is a good point for twitch. The earning from streaming is based on your account’s status.

The most important point for affiliation

There are some eligibility points to talk about before going for affiliation. Affiliation is not that hard to get over with but that does not mean we can be an affiliate anytime. An affiliation with twitch will only get approved when the one applying for affiliation is all set according to the guidelines and for this subject, marketing on twitch could be the most highlighted phrase.

The most common and vital point of this whole term is marketing, marketing on twitch is needed with a trusted and well-managed site to make sure you are dealing with an honest site. There are many sites in the market with well-managed and quick responses features but that does not mean they can not be fraud, you never know which site is faking it and which site is not so you better don’t go on their appearance and speedy replies.

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Affiliate eligibility points

The criteria mentioned here is from the last update about eligibility points from the twitch app itself, it may differ and completely change according to the upcoming days. Below, we will be listing down the eligibility points to be needed for affiliation on twitch:

  1. You need to broadcast a total of 5oo minutes in the last 30 days, a month
  2. You need to have done at least 7 unique broadcasts in the last 30 days i.e a month
  3. You are required to have at least 3 concurrent viewers in the last 30 days
  4. You need to have a minimum of 5o followers, verified account followers are mostly preferred

You don’t have to contact the company after you are eligible, after you have passed the period of being eligible you will receive an affiliation invitation mail from the twitch in like, 3-5 weeks. Plus, you will be notified about the official email in your notifications are in the top right corner of the twitch app.

How to get affiliated on twitch?

Now, we are going to discuss the answer for ‘how to get affiliated on twitch’. After you receive the mail and that you are ready to be affiliated, you are supposed to be tapping on the option ‘get started’, then it will take you to the ‘preferences’ tab located in your dashboard area. When you reach the area, you will be asked to fill in a few of the details and start the affiliation process from bits. Below, are the answer in steps to the ‘how to get affiliated on twitch’ question:

  1. Step 1- you are required to pass on the basic information about you and your account, make sure you write it down honestly and correctly
  2. Step 2- sign the twitch affiliation agreement after you went through the terms and conditions of the whole affiliation program
  3. Step 3- they will ask you for your tax information and you are required to pass it to amazon after you are done giving the royalty as well as service tax interviews (TIMS)
  4. Then let them know how they can send in your payments by completing the Tipalti form
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Payment method:-

  • Direct deposition to bank
  • Wire
  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Hold payments

Here, the answer to the ‘how to get affiliated on twitch?’ question ends, After you are done following all the above-mentioned steps, you become a twitch affiliate.

The steps are not complicated if read and followed with open eyes. For more information, you can always contact the customer support services or else visit the twitch site. Getting affiliated with this Twitch app will not only get you popularity if you are an attention lover, but you might as well earn at high rates which is a very good thing.