Online platforms, which may be related to live streaming, gaming, and associated domains have multiple benefits in store for users. While most of these benefits are well known by users, some of these remain unrecognized. New users are not able to recognize these benefits due to a lack of awareness and guidance. You need to know how to get free bits on twitch. This is because getting bits on the platform has multiple benefits which are directly or indirectly related to your popularity. When it comes to being popular, no one wants to compromise and you should not too.

How to get free bits on twitch

One may be wondering what are the benefits associated with bits and why are these so popular among the users of the platform. Here is a brief description of the benefits you get if you have bits on twitch.


Show your support

It is very lucky for an individual to have people who support and encourage him or her. If you have bits on the platform, you can show your support to your favorite streamers or your friends. This is done with the help of specially designed emoticons. The emoticons are only accessible to people who possess bits and therefore make them recognizable out of the crowd.

Special badges

Apart from a special list of emoticons, users who have bits also get badges. The badges are not common for all users. For instance, the badge of a user with 100 bits is entirely different from the badge of a user who has 1000 bits. The badges are in the shape of a square of varying colors with a polygon shape inside it. In general, the number of sides of the polygon increases with the number of bits possessed by a twitch user. An entire variety of badges is made to recognize users and the number of bits they have. It can be stated that the recognition often the user is enhanced with the number of bits they have.

Modify your settings

Live streamers can modify the bids settings and set a minimum limit to recognize people with more bits. For example, if you want to have a child with people who have more than 100 bits, you can set the limit in your settings. This can help you recognize potential co-streamers and people who are well known in the community associated with your work. More settings can help you customize your bids, badges, chat modes, so on and so forth. If you are confused while modifying the settings, you can click on the help page and get guidance from experts.

How to get free bits on twitch

How to get bits?

After being familiarized with the benefits associated with bits, one gets curious about how to get free bits on twitch. The first way that you can get bits on twitch is to buy them. The buying option is available on the corner of your screen. By clicking on getting bits, you get redirected to a page where you can select the option that is most convenient for your needs. If you do not want to purchase a large number of bids, you can opt for 100 bits which is the minimum option.

But, not all people have the sufficient resources required for buying bits for their channel. It may also be possible that the packages may be having too many bits as compared to their need. In that case, people get curious about how to get free bits on twitch? The answer to this question is very simple which is quite opposite to the speculations made by a lot of people. This is because people have the misconception that getting bits on the platform is only possible for people who have a large amount of money in their pockets.

The best way to get bits for free on the platform is to watch ads. Firstly, click on the get bits option on the corner of your screen. As mentioned earlier, you get redirected to a page. By scrolling, you will find an option that displays the alternative of watching an ad. Click on the option and you can get up to five or more bits for each ad that you watch.

However, there is a limit to the number of ads that a user can watch in a day. This limit is provided so that the platform is fair for people who opt for buying the bits instead of watching the ads. Here is How to get free bits on twitch.