Amazon Prime offers gaming options along with its multifarious advantages. There is so much more on in-game content- the games you love playing. You can download games for free, all with an Amazon Prime membership. So, exactly how to get twitch prime?

What exactly is Twitch, first of all? Twitch is an online video-gaming streaming service. It was taken over by multinational conglomerate giants Amazon in 2014. Initially, it solely focused on video games, but it spread its offshoots since then to talk shows, TV series, and music. Now, is it reason enough to be on Twitch? The streaming service has monthly robust 2 million streamers. Twitch even offers ways to earn money

how to get twitch prime

Twitch Prime has been renamed Prime Gaming but the renaming doesn’t take away any existing benefits. For Twitch Prime is a financed version of Twitch and comes with access to many free games and in-game raids. Now, Twitch Prime is covered under Amazon Prime membership itself. So, as a first, you need to have Prime membership. If you do, then you can easily avail of Twitch premium features.

Irrespective of having or not having Prime membership, there are certain steps you need to follow for accessing Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime can be accessed from an internet browser, MAC, and even PC.

How To Get Twitch Prime (for existing Amazon Prime members)

Step 1:-  Open Amazon’s website and search “Twitch Prime”.

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Step 2:- You would be inundated with multiple search results. Topmost, click on “Learn More”.

Step 3:- Next, when you would be directed to Twitch Prime’s website, select the “Connect your Twitch account” button.

Step 4:- Log in or Sign Up accordingly and link the Amazon Prime account to your newly created (or existing) Twitch account.

What if you do not have Amazon Prime? Then would you not be able to access Twitch Prime? Well, Twitch can be accessed normally for free. But it is the Prime membership that includes lucrative offers and features. The rudimentary step involves you having an Amazon account. Next, subscribe to Amazon Prime membership or Prime Video membership by paying on a monthly or yearly basis.

How To Get Twitch Prime (for non-prime members)

Step 1:-  Visit Twitch’s official website. Sign up or log in to your Twitch account.

Step 2:- Either go for the “Try Prime” option or the “Start your Free Trial” option.

Step 3:- Simply choose “Activate Twitch Prime” and keep to the specifications mentioned one after the other to complete the payment process.

These easy-to-follow steps will take you through how to get twitch prime. Now, after signing up and paying for Prime membership, what are the detailed benefits of this application?

  1. It comes with the exciting offer of inscribing to a new channel every month. Enjoy unique emotes and personalized chats!
  2. Prime membership helps you to stand a chance to unlock exclusive emotes like FortBush.
  3. The badge of honor, exclusive to Prime members, will be alongside every message you text, whichever channel it might be.
  4. Popular games will give you opportunities to earn bonuses, skins, and loots. Especially the loots can be shared with friends, even though they aren’t Prime members.
  5. Commercial-free viewing is preferred by one and all and that is one of the core features of availing Twitch prime.
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For gaming enthusiasts, it offers a wide range of benefits, offers, and downloadable content. Twitch recently made an announcement about making their streaming price affordable. This reduction will strengthen the e-streaming services foothold among the large streaming audience.

how to get twitch prime

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