Twitch is an online streaming platform that lets you stream all kinds of videos, including games, sports, music, travel, etc. Since its inception in 2017, the platform has attracted millions of streamers. How to get twitch stream key considering These Twitch streamers have also played an essential role on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Facebook and YouTube are two popular social media platforms. These have aided the streamers in their efforts to extend their fandom and establish themselves as online sensations.


Many have achieved considerable success in their endeavors, including ninja, Tfue, and numerous others. Because of their enormous popularity and fan base, likely, you’ve previously heard of them. After so many years, this Amazon-owned site is still at the top of the heap. Other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have spent millions upon millions of dollars on video game streaming. Still, they are a long way from achieving the level of success that Twitch has.

A common misconception for stream key

A common misconception is that only gamers use twitch to stream, but that’s far from true. Like I mentioned before, you can stream many other activities too. Some popular non-gamer streamers include:

  1. DomoStanton- He is famous for his exceptional skills in making comic books.
  2. Cnotbusch- He likes to stream the creation process behind his art on Twitch. He has gained immense popularity because of it.
  3. BrickinNick- This family-friendly crafty channel focuses on creative ways to build Lego models. Since Lego has been such a success, his channel has no doubt gained from it.
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Now, to begin streaming, you need to take care of a couple of things, and one of them includes getting your Twitch stream key. Read ahead to find out how to get the Twitch stream key.


What is a Twitch stream key?

Before diving straight into streaming your content, it is ideal to understand how such a platform works. You first need to know about a few things on Twitch that will make your streaming experience even better. Knowing about Twitch stream key is a massive part of it.

A Twitch stream key lets you connect your streaming software to your broadcast output channel. It is mandatory to have one to operate your pipeline. To start recording, you first need to enter your Twitch stream key.

You may also use this key to connect the game to your account. How to get twitch stream key is important as This will automatically unlock several new benefits, such as new game modes. This will lead to the ability of twitch chat to interact with the game in some sort of way.

How to get twitch stream key

Simple steps to get Twitch stream key

Step 1

Log in to your twitch account through your web browser of preference. If you don’t have a twitch account already, click on sign up and make an account.

How to get twitch stream key

Step 2

Go to your profile icon. Then choose ‘creator dashboard’ from the scroll down.

How to get twitch stream key

Step 3

From your creator dashboard, click on ‘settings. If that is not visible, click on the 3 horizontal lines that must be visible on the top-left side of your screen.

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stream key

Step 4

Clicking on ‘Settings’ will open a scroll down. From there, choose ‘stream’.

How to get twitch stream key

Step 5

After doing step 4, your stream page will open, titled “stream key and preferences”. The top thing that would be visible is your primary stream key. For privacy reasons, it would be censored. You can either copy it without seeing what it is, or you can click on ‘show’ and manually copy it.

twitch stream key

Step 6

Whenever you are about to start streaming, you will have to enter this Twitch stream to initiate the stream.


There is also an option of resetting it (on the stream and preferences- step 5), but its necessity is only going to come in a scenario where someone else gets your twitch stream key. By resetting it, you can make sure that nobody will be able to stream from your channel without your permission. It is recommended that you don’t share your Twitch stream with anyone.

hope that this article on finding our twitch stream key proved to be helpful to you. Here is the answer to how to get Twitch stream key.

Happy streaming!