With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of bored individuals turned to online gaming. Online gaming sites saw a magnanimous spike in 2020. Gaming sites have had quite a run with exciting offers, discounts, and deals being offered. Twitch, one of the most popular streaming sites has especially benefitted from this. How To Get Twitch Viewers is thus, a relevant question.

Twitch constitutes a large community of streamers and viewers. However, not all streamers enjoy huge viewership. Some barely get viewers maybe despite riveting content. For your channel to grow and get noticed by people, takes a long time.

Start with a good plan and have a target audience. The right attitude and willpower coupled with dedication are bound to reap results. You can try out different ways to exercise your reach and engagement and see which works out best for you.

How To Get Twitch Viewers

Hereby mentioned are 10 ways on how to get Twitch viewers:-

  1. Viewer interaction- It is advisable that streamers collaborate and play with broadcasters. But that works when you have a somewhat consolidated subscriber base. Initially, you need to play and interact with viewers, offering them tips and perks.

Choose games in which you have a niche, and the game is being played by a substantial number of players. Also, be interactive, engaging, and have conversations while playing the games. A quiet and monotonous streamer is unlikely to attract an audience.

  1. Timing- The timing of streaming is very important. Choose a time when more viewers are active than broadcasters to cut out the competition. Your motive should be to get noticed during the ‘golden hour’.
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Also, maintain consistent timing. Never be late and stick to a pre-determined schedule. If viewers know your timing, they can support you on those hours in the long run.

  1. Friends and Family- Yes, friends and family as viewers can help you out how to get Twitch viewers. They are obviously going to help you grow. Their inclusion reflects more viewers while streaming. The rank matters when people search for channels with ongoing streams.

Chatting with friends and family also reflects a chill attitude and your audience will prefer an easy-going channel to a serious channel. You can also offer invitations to those who play with you to view your stream. Don’t sound sale-sy, keep it casual and friendly.

How To Get Twitch Viewers

  1. More Streaming=More Chances of Acquiring Viewers- If you stream more, your chances of getting noticed and building a community doubles. As mentioned earlier, have consistent timing and keep streaming frequently. If you are a newbie, you would get more comfortable in front of the camera with continued exposure.
  2. Titles and Overlays- The use of proper titles is necessary to drive traffic. Also, overlays add a professional touch to your content.
  3. Necessities- By necessities, I mean the camera and mic. The two most important devices for communication with your audience need to be of high quality. That also acts as an attractive aspect. The glitchy sound or the picture quality isn’t exactly alluring to watch. Make it easily watchable and accessible to your audience.
  4. Stream Popular Games- Streaming obsolete games will never bring you on the map. The current games which are trending will get you noticed but mind you- such games are already being played by thousands. Try to develop your niche around it and play during hours when the crowd is less. You can also try by playing in major tournaments.
  1. Enjoy the game and spread happiness! Exude genuine vibes and exuberance. The audience always prefers unique content presented simply. Use the tips on how to get Twitch viewers and get assured results.Cross-media presence- Promote your Twitch content across your other socials. Provide links, maybe on your Instagram page, or make YouTube videos to entice the masses to view your streams on Twitch. Getting noticed using the YouTube algorithm is easier than the Twitch counterpart.
  2. Giveaways- Rewards are rewarding! Lure your fans by giving promo codes, discount offers and ask them to share this to avail the benefits. Using this technique, you will retain the audience as well as widen your reach. However, giveaways can yield results temporarily and again lead to lessened followers. Your content should be able to retain viewers.
  3. Buy Followers- If you want a cushioned space for starting out and then trying out all the above-specified tips, buying followers from a reliable website can be beneficial. Organic traffic and not synthetic bots should be your aim. The website should deliver followers speedily and cater to your needs specifically.
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