The platform twitch has become the one-stop destination for people who are concerned with creating content and broadcasting it in the form of live streaming. Live streaming is always preferred over creating normal videos because it is more interactive and fascinating. Individuals are often curious about how to get verified on twitch. Some people think that the process is very easy, while others think that it is very tough. However, the truth is that it is based on the fulfillment of predetermined criteria. Listed below is the criteria list that needs to be fulfilled for you to become a verified creator on twitch.

The total duration of streams

One of the most common misconceptions possessed by a lot of individuals is that the criteria do not have anything related to the streams. This is a myth because it can significantly impact the verification of an account. The platform is only created for content creators to broadcast their services. Hence, for being eligible to become verified, you need to have at least five hundred minutes of broadcast done in the past month.

The number of days of broadcast

how to get verified on twitch

Some individuals tend to be one step ahead by broadcasting for a whole day. However, this is not applicable for becoming verified because a user needs to have broadcasting sessions for seven days. This is the minimum requirement that needs to be fulfilled for becoming verified. Hence, new creators should try and create the best broadcasts which attract a lot of users. The more popularity a creator has, the better are their chances of becoming verified on the platform. You can start by asking your friends to enhance your popularity through their social networks.

Maintaining a constant set of viewers

The social network of an individual comes into play when they want to get verified on the platform. This is because they need to have a set of three common viewers on their broadcasts for the past month. this is the minimum criteria and the more common viewers, the better chances of a user getting verified. This can easily be ensured by having at least three friends who support you with loyalty.

 The minimum count of followers

how to get verified on twitch

The most important factor that indirectly determines the chances of you getting verified is your follower count. You need to have at least fifty followers on your twitch account for getting a verification badge from the platform. Even though there are multiple ways to gain followers on twitch, not all individuals can do so. Most of them instead opt for the shortcut method and buy twitch followers. This is because they do not have the time and resources to wait for gaining a high follower count.

The verified badge on the platform Is purple and features an octagon along with a white checkmark symbol. One may wonder why everyone is curious about how to get verified on twitch? This is because a lot of benefits are available for verified users as compared to users who are not verified. A brief account of these benefits is given here that can help you determine whether to opt for a verification badge or not.

More monetary benefits for people

It is not unknown to people that twitch provides monetary benefits to users who have a follower count of more than 50. However, if you possess a verification badge, the benefits are multiplied and therefore offer huge prospects. It also offers our service known by the name of bits. These are virtual cheers for beginners that provide them with more monetary benefits.

Customization of your channel

Getting a verification badge also lets you customize your channel according to your wish. This way you do not have to comply with the common standards established for all users. You can use a combination of emoticons and text to describe your live broadcasting channel. Moreover, users can also use customized emoticons that can be prefixed on their channel descriptions.

Customer support

The customer service of the platform is well known for having employees that are not only kind but helpful in a lot of ways. Verified users get extra support Regarding the doubts and misunderstandings which makes the experience even more fascinating. This is one of the major reasons why the engagement of users on the platform has been increasing day by day. So, rather than asking how to get verified on twitch, check out the services of the platform yourself. Here is how to get verified on twitch.