When Twitch was launched, one of the most important things that set the website and application apart from other social media platforms was the ease with which content creators, gamers, and streamers could go on live infront of their audience and be their authentic selves. It is important to learn how to go live on Twitch to build engagement with one’s audience.

For quite some time now social media has become a form of pretension for many influencers and celebrities.

Social media platforms only show the best of the content creator’s world and hide the hardwork and bad parts that go behind it.

This type of false pretension can be dangerous and send a negative message to the younger generation.

This type of fakeness also makes the followers and users unable to trust the brands and causes promoted by the content creator or streamer.

Going live in front of one’s audience is a very authentic and bold way of showing the real struggle and person that exists behind the camera.

Live streaming leaves no room for editing and alterations.

Twitch has been used majorly by gamers and Esports fans from all over the world since the beginning.

This is because Twitch streamers and content creators live stream and show their followers their skills, point, techniques, and their style of gaming.

Gaming enthusiasts learn many things from these streamers and get better at their competitive games as well. Twitch is also a great platform to develop and connect with different communities, live streaming helps with that as well.

When chatting with someone new, live streams and chats can ward off the need for suspicion and lead to better friendships.

Let’s see how to go live on Twitch like these influencers.

Best Guide To How To Go Live On Twitch how to go live on Twitch

How to go live on Twitch?

Twitch has made it easy for its users and streamers to build communities around a similar interest, Proving these gamers and influencers with the tool of going live is just another way to help them connect with their audience and build engagement.

An engaged audience is a requirement to grow on any social media platform but it is the easiest to achieve on Twitch.

Going live shows the follower’s real scene and person behind the camera, they get to know the streamer like their friend begins to trust them.

This can help streamers to get donations, promote their brand, support causes and charities of their choice and raise awareness as well as make new connections and friends.

One does not need a fancy set of gear to go live on Twitch. All they are is a laptop, MAC or a smartphone, IOS or Android.

To go live from a mobile, all one has to do is download the Twitch app, go to their icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select “Go Live”. Twitch provides settings to customize the sound qualities of the live video.

To go live using a PC, Laptop, or MAC one can download Twitch studio or Stream labs OBS and watch the provided tutorial to set up their webcam and microphone. These apps provide the best audio quality.

If one does not want to download any new software and wants to go live directly from the web browser, they can simply stream from Light stream Studios.

Light stream Studios allows and makes it really easy for gamers and content creators to go live and invite guests to join their life.

All one has to do is click on the “Start Streaming” option and choose the application Twitch from the provided options.

The streamer will require to log in to their Twitch account and authorize it and go live stream.

To have really clean, clear, and crisp audio quality steamers have the option to disable processing from music resources settings.

Setting up audio and webcam is easy and the instructions are clear. A tutorial is also provided.

how to go live on Twitch

How to customize a live stream?

It is important to customize one’s stream to let followers and viewers know what they are watching. Firstly, set the title.

The title will appear below the said live stream. Secondly, one needs to choose the notification.

The notification is the text that goes to the followers alerting them about life and thirdly, chooses a category.

Category decides which topic the live stream falls under it.

Live streams are important to hold onto followers as gaining followers can be difficult. Here is how to go live on Twitch.