Twitch is an American online video streaming platform that has won millions of followers over the past decade. How to link PayPal to twitch? Launched in the year 2011, there hasn’t been a look back, and Twitch takes pride in bringing out numerous talents across the world who excel in music, sports, games, and talk shows. It is an excellent platform for budding players on Twitch to buy views, likes, and even followers and subscribers for your channel that will help you grow in online streaming.

As you develop your pipeline, with more and more subscribers fond of what you do, you will seek opportunities to monetize your channel. What payment methods do you need to incorporate on your track so that your fans can send you some donations or tips for your live performances? To learn more about it, keep reading.

how to link PayPal to twitch

Linking Twitch to Paypal

Once you become a medium-level streamer, people start recognizing you, and you will have earned thousands of subscribers by then. The die-hard fans would shower donations and tips for their favourite streamers, becoming their most significant income source. However, a streamer should set up an online payment method for the transactions to happen.

One of the hassle-free payment methods, primarily adopted by people worldwide, is Paypal, the most secure way for money transactions.  Live streamers and Youtubers use software like Streamlabs to link their Paypal accounts to monetize their channels, set up alerts, donations, and so on.

The quick answer to the question “how to link PayPal to twitch?”

For the benefits offered by Paypal, and considering its popularity worldwide, this platform is widely used for money transactions. Here are some of the steps involved in linking the Paypal account with Twitch. You are looking forward to create your Paypal account to start with, depending on your specific needs. You should make which category of Paypal to use depending on your usage, other than for Twitch. With these steps you can easily link your paypal.

  • Login to your twitch account, and set up a ‘donate’ feature on your dashboard, where your fans can make some donations and tips
  • Login to your Paypal account with your username and password through the Paypal user app or its website
  • In order to connect Streamlabs to Paypal, you need to log in to the Streamlabs website
  • Once you are on the Streamlabs dashboard, click on the ‘donation settings.’
  • Click on the Paypal icon to link your Paypal account to Streamlabs
  • Fill in the relevant details like currency, minimum and maximum donations, etc. under the ‘settings’ tab
  • Save these changes by clicking on the save settings button
  • You can notice that your donation page website address becomes visible against ‘Your page’, and it would look something like Streamlabs URL/ username
  • The next step is to copy this website address and paste it onto the donation label of your twitch channel

How can someone donate through Paypal?

how to link PayPal to twitch

Professional gamers quit their full-time 9-5 jobs to be a part of live game streaming and make a handful of money through subscriptions and sponsorships. Wondering how fans will be able to send you donations throughTwitchh?  Now that you have linked your Paypal account to Streamlabs and To Twitch channel, it is easy for your fans to make some donations once they are interested in the content you create.

They can do it by simply going to your twitch page and entering the donation amount. Going through the guidelines mentioned in the article would clear your doubts on how to link PayPal to twitch?’


Twitch is a beautiful app for live streaming games, music, food and travel content, and some fantastic talk shows hosted by famous people worldwide. Beyond its entertainment factors, Twitch offers career growth and financial freedom to people who are serious and dedicated to this platform.

Hence they find it worth investing in social media service provider sites like , through which it is possible to give a quick boost to the subscriber count.

Softwares like Streamlabs help in adding alerts to your game interface, making it attractive to your fans, along with becoming a mediator for linking your Paypal account to Twitch so that you can withdraw your donations, most transparently and safely, possible. Professional gamers should know about the unlimited possibilities of Twitch, how to link PayPal to twitch?’ is one of the essential pieces of information someone should be aware of.