Let us discuss how to link your Amazon to twitch. Still a lover of video games? So twitch is the best platform for you. Twitch is a platform where there is live streaming of video games. It is an American produced platform where you can see live streaming that mainly focuses on the live streaming of video games. It also presents you with creative subjects and music broadcasts. In short, we can also say that it streams real life. The gamers stream how they play their games and people enjoy seeing them. So to make the most out of a wonderful gaming experience, you must know how to link your Amazon to twitch.

how to link your Amazon to twitch

More about twitch

Twitch is a platform that was developed by the American video services that mainly deals with live video game streaming, music streaming and creative content at the same time. It is handled by Reich operators who are subordinates of Amazon. You can operate twitch on your PC or your mobile. You may be a user of android or IOS but you still can avail the facilities of twitch. But once you know how to link amazon to twitch your advantages get doubled. You get more features than ever before.

Steps to link your amazon account to your twitch account

The guide is given below for you to know how to link your Amazon and twitch account. Since twitch is the leading gaming platform now, so when you link your Amazon account with your twitch account you get multiple benefits. You can also enjoy a subscription on Amazon when you go for the best players in twitch.

Read the steps now

The only tricky thing you need to come across when you link your accounts is to remember the password of both of them. Rather than that, all the steps are easier than you could ever think of.

The easy steps to link your account are given below:

  • First, you need to visit the twitch website.
  • You then need to go to your profile on twitch.
  • That logo would be present on the top right corner of the screen. Then you need to click on it.
  • You need to follow the drop-down menu that you see. Now click the settings option which will have a gear-like next to it.
  • As you click on this you will be directed to a new page with all the options. You then need to click on connections.
  • As soon as you click on connections, you will get multiple accounts that you link your twitch account to. What tops the list is Amazon.

How to connect further?

From this step, the whole process is very simple as you just need to click the connect button and enter all your account details. As soon as you do that, both your accounts get connected and you will be able to experience the beer gaming experience. Then you will also be able to restore your monthly subscription to Amazon and also take the best benefits of gaming.

Why link your Amazon account to a Twitch account?

Since you now know how to link your amazon to twitch, you must also know why to link both of them. There are several benefits that you get when you link both of them. Given below are some of them to bring to your notice:

  • You get the best gaming options. Now when it is said gaming options, it does not just mean about the twitch gaming options but also Amazon prime games as well.
  • With the variety of games that are introduced every month you can enjoy all of them.
  • You also get an opportunity to experience the freebie as well.
  • You get exclusive games to play and also free games to earn bonuses from there.

How many accounts can one link up to a twitch account?

how to link your Amazon to twitch

One can link up to four accounts from their Amazon to twitch account. As soon as you link your accounts you get free access to twitch prime gaming options. If you want to link through your Amazon prime then you need to use a free 30-day trial in case you are a new user. Or else you can just simply link your amazon account to your twitch account.


So you can be a lover of video games but still are incapable to figure out where to get quality gameplays. So this article would unexpectedly help you a lot. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription you may get more benefits. But as soon as you link your Amazon account to your twitch account you get to use the best twitch prime features. Here is how to link your Amazon to twitch.