Those who have been in the gaming business know-how necessary Twitch is. They provide a feature where a streamer can assign multiple roles to their viewers and followers. It gives fans and followers a chance to be connected to their favorite streamer and learn various aspects of managing a profile. Does this article contain information about how to make a moderator on Twitch?

What are these roles?

Twitch allows a streamer to give their followers three types of roles. These are:

  • Editors
  • Moderators
  • VIPs

Each of these roles has its functions. By assigning these roles to the followers, a streamer can manage and regulate the content flow on the channel. These viewers get connected, and take their responsibility seriously, thus learning how to manage a huge number of followers and regulate the flow. If you are a streamer whose channel is growing fast, then you must learn how to make someone a moderator on Twitch.

Learn what a moderator does!

how to make a moderator on Twitch

Are you excited to grow your channel? Before you start assigning roles to different people and understand how to make a moderator on Twitch, you must learn the functions of these moderators.

A moderator’s primary function is to help the streamer manage the chat section. It is to ensure that the chatbox stays welcoming, safe for all, and fun. They are empowered to perform these actions on chat:

  • Enable subscriber-only, slow, follower-only chat modes
  • Start, End, and manage predictions
  • Issue time out or ban users
  • Start, End, and manage end polls

How to make a moderator on Twitch

Whether you wish to make someone a moderator, VIP, or Editor, you can do it all from a single option. You can also assign some more than one role or remove them from any role. Follow these steps and get to know how to make someone a moderator on Twitch.

  • Open your Twitch dashboard.
  • Then access the hamburger menu. (The one with three horizontal lines)
  • Click the community button
  • Now among various options, choose ‘Roles Manager’.
  • Here you will see the members whom you may have assigned some roles.
  • To remove/add moderators, click the ADD NEW button at the top-right of the page.
  • By checking them, you can add the user to the role you wish.
  • To remove someone from a role, click the x button near their name.
  • To remove a role, uncheck them.

Note: Only the streamer of the channel can remove, add a person from a role. Therefore, delegate the roles and not powers!

Who is an editor in Twitch, and what functions does it have? 

Editors on Twitch help a streamer manage their channel. They can access the dashboard of that channel, and they can perform multiple functions.

Editor can edit streaming info and run commercial breaks, it helps to generate revenue. They can even edit video info and upload videos. Editors can also start Reruns, download past broadcasts, and review clips. The plenty of functions doesn’t end here. They can also sort, and delete the clips along with setting channel clipping permissions.

Who are VIP members, and what do they do? 

These are the most valuable members of a streamer’s channel, and they are recognized by a special badge as well. Not any channel can distribute the role of a VIP member to any. For that, the streamer’s community must have achieved 50 followers + 5 unique chatters) in a stream. A VIP can do these functions:

  • They can chat without being affected by subscribers-only, followers-only modes, and slow mode. These modes are enforced by a moderator.
  • They are not affected by rate limits.
  • They can even post links in chat when links are disabled for everyone else.

Why appoint moderators on your channel?

how to make a moderator on Twitch

Running a Twitch channel requires a lot of investment, time, and lots of followers. To increase the number of followers you can buy Twitch followers. But when your content gets more visibility, your chatroom has a wild crowd that you must deal with. When you are entertaining, you don’t have to put any effort into the moderation of the comments and others. You can solely focus on your content quality while moderators are here to take care of the chatbox for you.

Moderators or ‘Mods’ will help you ban rulebreakers, and they can also delete chats. They are essential for your public chatroom. You can differentiate between regular users and moderators because a green and white icon appears next to their name. Make sure you assign your moderators keeping in mind whether they are responsible or not. Don’t go haste and appoint anyone as moderator, although it is easy to remove them if you don’t like the way they are working for your channel. Here is how to make a moderator on Twitch.