An avid gamer cannot keep them self away from Twitch as it has many attractive features for gaming enthusiasts. Several news items report a staggering amount earned by Twitch streamers by streaming for few hours! How do they earn such hefty amounts and how to make money on Twitch?

Twitch is a time-consuming task

Building an audience on Twitch is a time-consuming task. It takes some good time for your content to be noticed and welcome a huge fan following. If you are willing to pay a certain amount for your channel ls growth, there are simple ways for increasing followers. Well, you can buy followers from reliable sites.

It can be seen as an investment to attract viewers. It is a given fact that be it Twitch or Instagram, a high number of followers is bait to drive people to your profile. If your content is unique and innovative, the audience will subscribe for content and even share it happily. But, inorganic engagement is harmful. Bots do not help your organic reach, neither do they share your content.

how to make money on twitch

Twitch being, one of the largest live streaming platforms ensures daily traffic and involves extensive modes to generate revenue. More number of followers also indicate your high professionalism and popularity. Websites should use SEO techniques to raise their followers’ numbers. Be wary that they do not ask for personal information.

How to make money on twitch

Now, coming to the question- how to make money on twitch? Listed are the prominent and most popular ways to earn using Twitch.

  1. Donations- First way to earn money is through donations. Fans support their favorite streamer by donating money. Especially new streamers who are not affiliates or partners benefit from donations using the third-party agency.

Donorbox, PayPal, PeachPay are the services used by which viewers can donate money and help their favorite streamers grow. Make sure to add the “Donate” option to your profile. Donations can be handy not only for self-sustenance but amassing an amount for a noble cause.

how to make money on twitch

  1. YouTube- Streamers can use the comprehensive features of YouTube to market their Twitch content. Initially, Twitch doesn’t offer many ways to earn money. Until your balance is hundred dollars, Twitch doesn’t pay you.

Therefore, the excerpts of your gaming or musical performance can be uploaded on your YouTube channel to earn from the ads. It would also act as cross-platform drawing traffic and attracting new audiences to your Twitch account.

  1. Patreon- Giving your small but loyal audience the exclusive treatment by giving them sneak peeks into your content or fresh streams and in exchange, ask them to donate an amount on Patreon can be attractive.

Rewards are always lucrative and great baits for retaining audiences. Add Patreon links on your Twitch page and highlight the perks enjoyed by your patrons.


  1. Sponsorships- If your channel enjoys good membership and entertains heavy traffic, brands would automatically want to use your reach for their promotional purposes. You can use this opportunity to sell any product or service to your community.

Even some agencies establish deals between brands and streamers. Brand promotion handsomely rewards streamers. Paid live streams are another form of sponsorship.

  1. Merch- This is the current trend of encashing streamers’ popularity. Your fanbase would love your personal touch on hoodies and goodies!
  2. Subscriptions- The foremost source of revenue for leading Twitch streamers is the subscriber base. You get paid monthly and streamers enjoy half of the total income from the subscriptions.
  3. Affiliate marketing- Most influencers on social networking sites earn through this medium. Affiliate marketing includes marketing offers online and getting a cut or fee in exchange for the promotion done.

Making good money on Twitch

For example, if you are a gamer and you are using a certain device by so and so brand, if you encourage your viewers to buy that device using your coupon code and offer discounts, this process is termed affiliate marketing.

If the above-mentioned steps are followed religiously, how to make money on Twitch will be converted to making good money on Twitch!

Alongside these, you need to have an engaging and entertaining personality where building rapport with your viewers should be your sole aim. Have a solid plan to promote your content and indulge in across multiple platforms promotion. Partnering with contemporaries is a good idea to further reach and engagement. Start your streaming activity using all the tropes mentioned in this article!