Twitch is one such social networking platform that provides abundant opportunities to its users to garner attention and fame. This is followed by ample scopes to earn money. Twitch has many exciting features to boast of, however, in this article, we will specifically discuss how to raid on Twitch.

Raid conventionally has a negative notion and means ransacking someone’s private space to procure money or expensive items. Raid on Twitch has a different conception. It is a new feature that is employed by bigger accounts to support upcoming profiles and help them grow. They send their viewers to the smaller account’s stream. In other words, it allows streamers to host different profiles content.

Now, how does this take place? Once you are done raiding, you can either bid goodbye or ask your viewers to accompany you to a new stream being hosted by a smaller account, in turn generating awareness. This is helpful for new streamers and helps them to dent an impact and burst into the scene. Making an impression on Twitch is time-consuming and requires persistent efforts.

If both are contemporaries and on an equal level, this generous act might be reciprocated and the channel might raid you back! Quite a fruitful give-and-take policy!

how to raid on Twitch

However, some years ago, this feature was used negatively to target certain accounts by vile streamers. They would create a group and raid smaller accounts stream and destabilize the temperament by hurling abuses. These coordinated attacks gave rise to their positive effect, and small streamers get a lease of fresh life!

In that case, how to avoid a bad experience? See, the default setting is such that your channel will accept incoming raids from friendly circles. If you feel the raid can turn to be undesirable, disable the raid by turning on “Followers Only Chat”. This will ensure only your followers chatting and interacting.

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How To Raid On Twitch?

Step by step learn how to raid a channel:-

  1. Type /raid immediately followed by the name of the channel, in the chat, you plan to raid. Also, before this, inform your viewers that you are going to run a raid.
  2. With this, click on the “Raid Now” option to begin the raid. If you want to dismiss the raid, click “Cancel”. Not choosing one of the aforementioned, will automatically commence the raid after eighty seconds. It reads like “Channel X is raiding Channel Y.” That’s it! Isn’t it that simple? Your viewers are free to leave the raid by choosing the “Leave” option available on the pinned message.

Everyone will be redirected to Channel Y. When you raid a channel, the comments are reflected as a part of the Channel Y’s chats. The channel that is to be raided is informed when the raid will begin and how many viewers are expected to come over.

There is a feature to even check who raided your channel. You can check all this using the chat settings. Click the “Recent Raids” option to check the raids that took place in the last twenty-four hours. Using the “Recent Raids” option, you can further ban and report the channel you do not want to raid.

Raids are generally meant to usher positive outcomes. However, sometimes it can lead to bitter experiences and to avoid such instances, Twitch has very strict rules and options.

how to raid on Twitch                            

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How To Raid On Twitch– Do’s And Don’t:

If your channel is raided by a bigger channel with huge viewership, you should be on cloud nine. Grab this opportunity with both hands and make optimum use. Be warm and courteous for the raid. Express your gratitude and exude very genuine and friendly vibes.

Try to strike a conversation and elongate the raid to make the new viewers interested in your channel. An engaging and conversational banter will add to your profile!

Now, coming to your ongoing stream- involve the new viewers and explain the current happenings. Promote your content coyly and do not be overzealous. Maintaining the balance is necessary. Ask the visitors to follow you on Twitch for your unique content.

The most important thing is- returning the generous offer by doing a counter-raid. This will help in relation building and audience awareness about you will increase.

Now that you know how to raid on Twitch, you should know this too that networking goes a long way in raiding. The more your circle grows and you interact with streamers, the chances of you getting raided also doubles.

Also, for growing your community, you can purchase followers. Check the credentials of the site thoroughly and order the number of followers you need. These websites deliver the assignment speedily and do not trespass in your domain by extracting personal information. With these handy tips, you will have a valuable and fruitful experience on Twitch!