In this article, we are going to discuss how to save streams on twitch. The evolution of Twitch in the last couple of years as a leading streaming platform has been undisputed. More so, with the Amazon banner, this 201 1 launched social networking site has offered gamers exciting offers and content.

Real-time events to video games, Twitch streams everything and this is the very reason why it gained such immense popularity among three million unique visitors in the first year itself. With the Prime feature, you can view streams ad-free. Loots, discounts, and downloadable contents are some of the exciting characteristics of Twitch Prime.

how to save streams on twitch

Among the plethora of interesting features provided by Twitch, one is downloading games and streams. Twitch doesn’t save the streams for long and to keep in possession of the streams before they are lost, you need to know the steps as to how to save streams on Twitch.

You can save your favorite streams following few simple steps. Save them on your computer and enjoy watching them wherever and whenever, without the recurrent fear of losing them.

Twitch helps you to go live and interact with your audience. Once the live interaction is over, you do not have the video saved anymore. Unless you make some changes in your settings. By applying the necessary changes, your past videos would be available to your audience. The downloaded copies are available in MP4 format and you are free to upload them on other social networks.

For non-prime members of Twitch, videos are saved for a duration of fourteen days. For Prime members, the duration is close to two months.

How To Save Streams On Twitch

  1. Firstly, visit your profile and click on your profile picture and select the “Creator

Dashboard” option which flashes on the screen.

  1. Next, you need to select the “Content” option and then click “Video Producer” appearing under it. This will let you access your previous podcasts and streams.
  2. Choose the podcast or stream you are willing to save. Once you make the choice, a preview will roll out offering various options.
  3. The options include Share, Export, and “Download”. Make the needful choice to begin the process of downloading the video.

Alternatively, you can enable the “Video On Demand” setting, and use then as highlights in your channel. Thus, following the instructions, one can download the content.

As a streamer, your objective should be to make your content accessible and expand your reach.

After your live broadcasts, if the content is only lost, then what would be the remnants of fantastic streaming? The Video On Demand option enables streamers to upload the edited videos on YouTube and exercise across multiple platforms promotions.

After learning how to save streams on twitch, you might be searching where are the original Videos On Demand. You are free to re-upload or archive these videos, but always remember to have a backup of these videos.

how to save streams on twitch
How To Save Streams On Twitch
– Finding VODs                 

  1. Similarly, first go to your profile and click on the profile picture. Next, select the “Channel” button. 2. From the horizontal list, choose the “Videos” option.
  2. Select “Edit Videos” and thereafter, “Video Producer” would appear on your screen.
  3. Choose the videos you wish to download and select the “Watch” option, followed by “Download”.

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