Twitch is a video-streaming website that has grown in popularity recently, with thousands of new users joining the platform every hour. How to see followers on twitch? This Amazon-owned site enables gamers to stream their games while also allowing non-gamers to participate in streaming material relating to music, talk shows, food, sports, and travel. The platform also allows gamers to stream their games. This post will discuss the significance of twitch followers and identify who is following you on twitch.

Whatever social networking platform you choose, identifying your specialty and gaining followers are the most important things to do. This is true for Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitch. That is why, if you are a streamer, I am assisting you with this critical job responsibility. You will not require a powerful computer to stream because the majority of the work will be done by your capture card, such as the Elgato. It is only a reliable internet connection that you require. A connected internet connection, on the other hand, would unquestionably be more beneficial to you.

If you have thousands of followers on twitch, you might not be concerned with caring for them or communicating with them on a personal level, but continue reading nonetheless. This article will learn why it is equally essential for twitch streamers with a small and large audience alike.

How to check your followers on Twitch

how to see followers on twitch

And want to grow your audience, you cannot emphasize enough how important it is to communicate with your viewers on a personal level and regularly.

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If you’re a part-time streamer, you must use the mobile app and the web twitch platform to grow your audience. How to see followers on twitch? One of the benefits is the opportunity to see who is following you through the dashboard, which is one of the features. Unfollowers can serve as a source of motivation to generate exciting and engaging material for your followers to see.

Having a large following attracts even more followers as people tell their friends and acquaintances about their favourite streamers who have a large following. Try to create content that your audience will enjoy and keep to a single topic. You can, however, experiment with many ideas at first before settling on a specific niche once you have discovered.

How to see followers on twitch

   1. Either open the desktop app or go to twitch. tv

how to see followers on twitch

   2. sign in on twitch using your username and password


   3. Go towards the top right corner of your screen and click on your profile

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   4. From the list of many options, click on ‘creator dashboard.’

how to see followers on twitch

  5. from the menu on your left hand, choose ‘community and then from the scroll down, click on ‘followers list.

how to see followers on twitch

   6. From there, you will see the list of people who follow you.

The kind of twitch followers you need to attract

The most used method of getting new followers on twitch has been to get fake bot followers, but they don’t make your audience. The most these types of followers on twitch can do to allow you to show them off is not going to serve any other purpose, and it is highly unethical. Recently twitch has also taken steps to remove these bots’ accounts. You would not want to waste your money getting followers that might get deleted soon.

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The second method of gaining twitch followers is to purchase actual followers, which can be used to advertise your channel and possibly assist in its growth. However, there is no assurance that your number of followers will increase. Moreover, it is unethical and, to be completely honest, serves no genuine function.

The type of followers that you require are those who are sincere in their support. The genuine fans who are interested in your material and may suggest you to their friends. These are the kinds of followers you want to attract, and you should create material relevant to their interests.


To gain followers on twitch, you need a strategy and dedication. Becoming successful on twitch entails hard work and effort. You need to connect with your audience, and to do that, you need to make sure that you interact with every one of your followers individually and daily. Hope this article on how to see followers on twitch helped you in some way.

 Happy streaming!