Ever since Twitch set foot on the market officially in 2011, it became famous among gamers. It is necessary to know every feature of this platform if one wants to make a career in gaming.

Why squad stream? 

how to squad stream on Twitch

Before you learn how to squad stream on Twitch, you must know why it rolled out this feature.

Squad streaming is when many people come together in single window and went live with their content. With collaborative effort of gamers, containing different gaming styles, the content created by all of the gamers ought to become more engaging and exciting.

 It’s the best way to showcase your twitch community each moment of your team’s royal battle match, provide them a virtual seat, which is at your tabletop gaming stream, or anything else you have in mind. Therefore, with collaborative effort, people enjoy fresh content, and creators grow their community at the same time. Viewers get enlightened with multiple angles on the action, get to support their favourite streamers, and also get a better chance to chat with multiple communities at once. Isn’t it a win-win situation for both streamers and viewers?

Learn how to squad stream on Twitch

Step One: On your dashboard, go to stream manager.

Step Two: Find the quick action panel, and click the squad stream option.

Step Three: Send an invite by clicking ‘add a channel’. Now type the name of the channel you wish to stream, and search for them.

Step Four: Once your invitation is accepted, you can start the squad stream! Now the streamer’s panel will come with a banner, and that’s how viewers can watch the stream in squad mode.

And that’s it! Now that you’ve learned how to squad stream on Twitch, you should also read this before starting your first squad Livestream.

  1. The maximum number of streamers in a squad stream is four. You cannot add a fifth member on squad streaming.
  2. You can invite up to three members only. This reinstates the first point mentioned above.
  3. You can invite that channel that is on your friend’s list, is your teammate channel, or a follower channel.
  4. Before you invite any channel, make sure all of them are online and live.

Tip: Your squad stream will end if every member of the squad leaves the group. However, if only an individual streamer has left the squad, viewers will still get to see the stream if they are watching it in the squad mode.

Squad stream is only available to partners. Will this change?

Those who have learnt how to squad stream on Twitch now have many other doubts. One of them is that whether the squad stream will be limited to partners only.

One needs to understand that this feature was first rolled out to partners because the need for video quality options (transcodes) was rising. Squad streaming ensured that viewers get the best experience. Right now, all Twitch partners receive by default receive multiple video quality options. Affiliates receive them on priority access only.

But this situation will soon change as Twitch expands its transcode capacity and thus makes this platform as inclusive as it can.

Can Twitch become the next best marketing platform? 

how to squad stream on Twitch

No doubt in that! Twitch is providing everything connected to gaming. It provides live streams of video games, esports competitions, streaming of professional sports, prime content for amazon prime users, squad streaming, and a lot more. It has become the number 1 platform in its category, and the successful business failed to compete with Twitch.

In 2017, it registered 15 million visitors daily, and the logging time in total was 355 billion minutes. Now with expansion and diversification, not only gamers but also craftspeople, artists, animators, etc. are making a debut on this platform. Also, Twitch plans to widen its scope by experimenting with different types of media content.

Twitch is further poised to grow with its peculiar nature of the content. Therefore, both the twitch influencers and brands can have a win-win situation. Twitch has a large audience that brands can tap to show their product/service. With its ad sharing program, influencer program, and twitch partner program, a user can also unleash popularity and income at the same time.

If you wish to earn out of this platform, then you must look into growing your profile. Many social media growth firms offer the services like buying Twitch followers that will help you make it big in Twitch while having fun with your game. You can increase your content engagement by increasing your followers’ count and make a fortune out of the platform that is poised to grow.