From the past decade, the mobile gaming industry has received a massive growth in popularity, with the release of major titles such as Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, FreeFire and other mobile games. With release of these games, people are finding potential ways for How to stream mobile games on Twitch and other gaming platforms. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are embedding new features and options to make them smarter and more powerful than ever. Phones are getting more and more powerful each year, with high-refresh-rate screens, powerful chipsets and cooling systems offered with more gigs of RAM.

  how to stream mobile games on Twitch

If you’re are a gaming enthusiast, and your smartphone is your best gaming platform, you might have planned to stream your gameplay. By streaming your gameplay, you can showcase your game skills to a broader audience. And along with streaming, you will be getting fame and money just by playing games.

In the past few years, Twitch has been evolved as the best streaming platform for gamers. Apart from gaming, you can find different categories such as sports, music, entertainment and more. Twitch is an American video streaming platform, which mainly focuses on the live streaming of other video games. Apart from casual video game live streams, it broadcasts esports tournaments on its platform. But  the primary question is “How to stream mobile games on Twitch ?”

In this article, we will discuss How to stream mobile games on twitch to gather the attention of the interested audience.  So let’s start-

Stream Directly From Your Mobile

If you’re willing to stream your gameplay directly through your phone, you will need a dedicated streaming app. Currently, Streamlabs is the best option in the market for streaming mobile games. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.

how to stream mobile games on Twitch

Step 1: Install StreamLabs

The first process to start your streaming journey is to install the streamlabs application on your device. You can easily find it on Google Playstore. You can refer to streamlabs application on Playstore to not download a clone version of the application.

Step 2: Log In To Your Twitch Account

Once downloaded, you can open the application. When the application is opened for the first time, it will show a pop-up window, asking you to log in using your Facebook, YouTube or Twitch account because streamlabs will allow you to stream on multiple platforms. This article focuses on streaming mobile games on Twitch; you have to log into the application through your Twitch account.

After successfully logging in to your account, Streamlabs will ask you for the necessary permissions. You have to scroll down through the page and click on the ‘Authorize’ option for using the application.

Step 3: Selecting Screen and Camera Source

After setting up your twitch account, the screen orientation of your app will change to landscape from portrait mode. Two options named as camera and screen will pop-up.

If you’re willing to do a facecam Livestream, make sure to check both options. If you don’t want to do a facecam live stream, you can uncheck the camera option. Also, you can make changes to these options later.

After checking on the desirable option, click on the Next button. You will be redirected to another page, which will present you with a bunch of widgets. You can select the widgets according to your preference. However, make sure to check the Alert Box Option, as it is the necessary widget while streaming. Once you’re accommodated with mobile streaming, you will extract more benefits while streaming from the application. This is the important step when answering the question ‘how to stream mobile games on twitch.’

Step 4: Allowing Permissions

Depending upon the version of Android in which your smartphone is running, Streamlabs will ask you for permissions regarding capturing a screen ( gameplay displayed on your mobile screen).

This is fine since, in this way, the application will be able to capture your screen, and you’ll be able to stream your gameplay on Twitch. Click on the Start button ( and check the “Don’t show again “ option” as you will not encounter the same pop-up on the Streamlabs application in future).

Also, if you have checked the camera option in the previous window, you will need to allow the application permissions to record pictures and video. You will be asked to allow some more options for recording audio, capturing screen and other things related to streaming.

Step 5: Customize the Stream layout.

After allowing all necessary permissions to the application, it’s time to configure the application. Choose the editor option to resize and configure different streaming elements on your screen. Click on three lines, and a menu will pop up.

After following all these steps, you’re ready to stream your gameplay session on Twitch. However, growing your online presence on Twitch is a challenging task. You can grow your Twitch channel using organic and genuine proven methods.

Here is how to stream mobile games on twitch using the simplest steps.