With the advent of multiple career and entertainment options, it becomes necessary not to ignore a trend. Check here how to stream on Twitch with Xbox one? A trend might set the score for future happenings that we consider mere imagination. One of them is the growth of the platform Twitch.

The growth trajectory of Twitch

how to stream on Twitch with Xbox one

If you wish to make a mark in gaming, you cannot ignore Twitch. It started as an arm of ‘Justin.tv’ which provided the content of different categories. But the gaming part of this site grew well and it created a lot of buzz, and by 2011, it became a separate entity and available for public use.

From 2013 onwards, Twitch beat all competition and became the number 1 e-sports streaming platform. Amazon the Twitch’s potential and became its parent company in 2014. With this collaboration, Twitch further rolled out new features such as Twitch Prime, which allows amazon prime members to access premium features.

With this advancement over time, Twitch has become an inseparable part of the gaming world. That’s why, if you follow esports, professional sports, or wish to earn through gaming, then you must learn how to stream on Twitch with Xbox One.

How shall I stream Twitch on Xbox One?

Even though Xbox One is not the latest model of Xbox console, but it still works pretty well for gamers. If you are on a budget or feel that you want to sit back and work on your skills first, then Xbox One is suited for streaming on Twitch.

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Here is how to stream on Twitch with Xbox one:

  • Set up your webcam and microphone.
  • Visit the Xbox store, look for the Twitch app, install it, and open the app.
  • If you are a first time user, log in/ create a Twitch account with a PC/ mobile device. Make sure you tag your Twitch account and use it for Xbox Live Gamertag.
  • Now after logging in, go for twitch.tv/activate on your device, then enter the 6 digit code shown on the Xbox app. After this, you are ready to link your twitch account to Xbox live Gamertag.
  • To allow your broadcast available for everybody, then go to the settings –> account –>privacy and online safety –> Xbox live privacy –> details and customization –> online status & history and click other’s can see if you are online, and add everybody to it.
  • Now, for allowing broadcast gameplay follows the same procedure as mentioned above, and click the ‘game content’ option in ‘details and customization’. Here you will see the option of broadcast gameplay, and you can allow it here.
  • To share content made with a camera, you have to follow the procedure mentioned above, and allow ‘content made using a camera’ in the game content setting.
  • After this, enable your webcam and audio for others to see your content, because it is automatically disabled until you change the status quo.
  • Now all you have to do is set a dashing title for your broadcast and get started with broadcasting! Once you get started, your game title will automatically get updated.
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Hope you get to know how to stream on Twitch with Xbox one.

What is Lightstream on Twitch? 

how to stream on Twitch with Xbox one

Lightstream is a cloud-based live streaming service that you can set up with the help of a web browser. Even if you don’t have a streaming computer or a capture card, you can do multiple things like adding overlays, different scenes, alerts etc. Your videos become more professional and powerful.

Is your account receiving a permission error? Here is what might have happened!

You might be receiving a prompt saying you don’t have broadcast permission, and here is what might have happened:

  • You may not have clicked the ‘allow’ button under broadcast in your privacy setting.
  • If you are under 18, parent/guardian supervision is required, and they might have disabled broadcasting.
  • You may be banned from broadcasting due to a violation of terms and conditions.

Time to realise the potential of Twitch Marketing

Twitch has an equal potential when it comes to marketing, just like Instagram and Youtube. Channels like Ninja and Tfue on Twitch have millions of followers and they spread the word about a brand effectively. Other than marketing, one can earn a handsome amount from live streaming and being a twitch influencer. To sum it up, be it marketing or be it earning, there are lots of options available to do so, even more than youtube and Instagram. You can take the help of social media growth brands like buying Twitch followers if you are serious about growing your channel the best way.