In this article, we are going to explain how to stream Xbox one on twitch along with other related points such as, what you will need to stream and other things.

Dealing on twitch

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How To Stream Xbox One On Twitch

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What do streamers need to stream their Xbox on twitch?

You don’t have to think, ‘now from where am I going to gather the listed things’ and all because you would need nothing extra apart from the usually required things, we are listing them below:

  • One console from the Xbox one objects like Xbox one, Xbox one s or maybe Xbox one x
  • Good wireless, wired will do too actually, wifi connection because normal mobile data don’t usually work at the time of playing, do they? A good wifi connection will enhance the quality of your broadcasting video, like a good connection may take your 480 videos to 1080 video, isn’t good?
  • One television, it is common sense that you will require a smart tv to connect your console to view your gameplay if your tv is not of the modern generation’s you better forget about streaming your Xbox
  • One Xbox one controller to help you manage the twitch app while playing the game

How To Stream Xbox One On Twitch

Is a capture card compulsory?

It is fine if you don’t have money to buy a capture or maybe you’re maintaining the budget of your pocket money? Either way, you can save money and instead of streaming your Xbox one on television, you can go along with a windows PC. Below is the procedure for, ‘how to stream Xbox one on twitch through a windows PC:

  • Enable the settings of streaming on your console for that, navigate to settings
  • Then, travel to preferences page – Xbox app connectivity
  • Make sure to allow both the streaming options on the right-hand side and from other devices, enable streaming only from ‘profiles signed in on this Xbox.
  • Download the needed console app on your computer and log in.
  • Navigate to your connection settings and select your Xbox, press the stream button from the top then you will see a window with your console opened
  • Lastly, add this to your OBS as screen capture, don’t forget to open the twitch app before starting to play!

How to stream Xbox one on twitch?

Want to know How to stream Xbox one on twitch? The answer is not as hard as you think if you do it properly, it will be fun and exciting, not scary and confusing. Below are the steps to follow for knowing how to stream Xbox one on twitch:

  1. Visit the store on your Xbox and install twitch
  2. After installation, open the app on your Xbox
  3. Log in to your twitch account
  4. For linking the Gamertag to your twitch account, enter the 6-digit code on the Xbox on your device
  5. Then enable the settings to let everybody see your life
  6. Next, enable yourself to broadcast your gameplay
  7. Also, allow yourself to share the content through a camera or Kinect
  8. Check your microphone and camera are enabled for viewers to see and hear you
  9. Lastly, select a title for your broadcast, a well-suited one, and then click on ‘start broadcast!’

You are all set to stream and enjoy your gaming on Xbox one on twitch with others.