Millions of game lovers log in to the twitch app or website to play or watch live shows hosted by their favourite players. As you gain new followers/ subscribers every day, the chances are that you get unexpected behavioural issues with them. You banned them but are planning to give them a second chance now. Then the question arises, “how to unban someone on twitch?” Twitch provides live games from players worldwide and so brings out some of the best talk shows, food, travel recordings, music shows, and many more.

Hence, the number of subscribers you get would be higher than other portals, and some fans could be annoying. Although this happens on almost all social media platforms, it becomes a nuisance on an online video-streaming platform like Twitch and interrupts the games you play.

Easy ways to unban fans on Twitch

Twitch subscriber count grows over time with your rigorous and constant efforts.

You can buy likes, comments, views, and more followers as and when you see some real progress on your twitch follower count.

Social media service providers will ease this process for you. But as you move on with your twitch journey, the games you play and the way you put forth the commentary will attract a lot of anonymous subscribers to your account.

Their way of interactions via chat box could disrupt the positivity of your channel.

You take a step to ban them, but later on, chances are there that you regret your decision.

In addition, there would be circumstances where you prohibited someone by mistake, and without giving them a wrong impression, you would like to lift that ban as soon as possible.

In such cases, knowing how to unban someone on Twitch would come in handy.

how to unban someone on Twitch

Here is a brief description of how to lift a ban on Twitch:-

  • If you plan to unban someone on Twitch, you can use the chat command system, and the command you need to type is as follows.
  • Unban followed by the username of the person whom you have banned earlier
  • If you find it difficult to type in the correct spelling of the user name, you can use the ‘moderation’ option; this will direct you to the banned chatters section, where you will get a list of the people banned. From here, you can unban the people of your choice.
  • The ban/ unban button acts as a toggle button; once you activate the ban, unban becomes visible like a block/ unblock option on other social media platforms.

The answer to the question how to unban someone on Twitch is easy and quick.

How to interact on twitch as a beginner?

how to unban someone on Twitch

Twitch acts as an entertaining and lucrative platform for those who are passionate about online games. A beginner player can gain up to 7500 subscribers once you make the payment. The delivery is quick and starts as the payment process is done.  If you are a celebrity-level twitch player with thousands of followers anou deal with numerous follower requests every day, you won’t get enough time to sort out the real and fake ones.

Your chat box could be messy by unwanted interruptions during games. There will be a bulk of people you want to remove from your account. In such cases, you prefer to ban people and to have a peaceful gaming experience.  It is pretty human to change minds and add them to your chat box back, which can be quickly done through the ‘/unban’ command rule.


A lot of skilled players earn a handful of income every month broadcasting their games. Without sharing your password with anyone,  helps to boost the number of subscribers on your channel. This undoubtedly will have a great impact on the business you promote via Twitch, and your brand name will reach millions of people in no time. However, certain situations will provoke you to take action, like banning a user/ fan on your twitch page.

Fans, out of excitement, will send messages, or even irritating posts sometimes could test your level of patience. Later on, you would change your mind and become ready to remove the ban. The user interface on Twitch has made it .easy for anyone to ban/ unban users and can be done in a couple of minutes. Here is how to unban someone on Twitch.