Twitch is getting popular ever since it was launched in 2011. But, thanks to different mergers, acquisitions, and tie-ups, Twitch has reached its true potential and shows no signs of stopping growth. With the evolution in gaming, Twitch also evolves and rolls out new features.

What is Roku? Why is it so popular?

how to watch Twitch on Roku

Before learning how to watch Twitch on Roku, let us understand more about it.

Roku is the simplest way to stream video content on your TV. With Roku, you can watch all the paid and free video content via the Internet on your television. Roku is a small square device made by Roku Incorporation. It is a digital media player suited for streaming over the top content. It is low-cost and easy to set up a device that is helping popularize over the top media. With immense popularity among the market, they also launched Roku tv, with features and functionality of their original product.

Given the current status, how to watch Twitch on Roku?

Twitch used to have a channel specifically for Roku, but recently it has shut down this channel for an indefinite period. However, with few workarounds, you can still access Twitch on Roku. Here is how to watch Twitch on Roku.

Use the unofficial channel: Unofficial Twitch channel can get you to the official Twitch channel on your device. For this, you have to open your Roku account on your web browser by which you can add the channel with your device. Let’s know the details:

  • Open the browser, go to the Roku site. Now log in to your Roku account.
  • Hover mouse to profile icon, choose ‘My account’.
  • Go to the Manage Account section given on the left, now click add channel with a code.
  • Enter this text: TWITCHTV
  • Click I’m not a robot, complete the ReCaptcha section, then add the channel.
  • Now click OK, and a window will appear, here choose Yes, Add channel in that window.
  • Now you learnt how to watch Twitch on Roku!

how to watch Twitch on Roku

Use the Twoku: The nomenclature is derived from combining the words Twitch and Roku. Twoku is an unofficial app that is in its Alpha stage, due to chich, one will find many features missing. But after the app gets developed completely, it will work wonders for those who want to access Twitch on Roku. Currently, you can’t see or take part in a chat, and the function is also limited. As Twoku develops, these bugs will be settled and you will be able to access all features. Here is how you can set this up.

  • Visit the Roku site and log into your account.
  • Type twoku in the search bar, fill in the captcha and click ADD CHANNEL.
  • If a warning appears, click OKAY.
  • Then click Yes, Add a channel when the next pop-up comes.

After completing this, you will find Twoku in the lineup. Click it, and launch Twitch. Access all the current streams, specific channels, categories, and a lot more. You can even log into your Twitch Account here.

What is Twitch? Why is it so popular?

Twitch is a platform where one can stream video games, watch esports, also watch professional matches and access other kinds of content. But their primary focus is on streaming video games live. Since its launch in 2011, it has competed with some giant brands and made its own marks. It gave such fierce competition that now it has a near-monopoly in its category of content.

Twitch has clocked 9.89 million active streamers in January 2021. Channels like Ninja, PewDie Pie, Shroud, TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect and others are some of the highest-paid Twitch influencers with earnings going as high as $25 million.

This platform has multiple features that keep it ahead of its competitors. A streamer can appoint moderators, VIPs, and editors from their list of followers. This way, the streamer focuses on the content while moderators take care of conduct and atmosphere in the streamer’s chatbox and other areas. One can raid a fellow channel on Twitch, which can increase the popularity of a raided channel. There are different levels of membership of Twitch, such as a streamer, affiliate, or partner. These are based on revenue sharing patterns. Explore Twitch to get to know more about such specialities that set Twitch ahead of its competitors.

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