The competitive video streaming world is gaining more users each day. With millions of active users, the Twitch streaming platform has a highly competitive environment on which streamer has the most viewers on a twitch stream. The target keeps on elevating to break the previous record and set a new one that is challenging to break.

Any streamer would wish to set the best score that is highly challenging to surpass. This article mentions the latest record and elucidates how you can achieve such targets.

The highest concurrent viewers

Not so long ago, the Fortnite gamer David “The Grefg” Canovas Martinez from Spain has surpassed the previous record and set a new whopping count of 2,468,668 viewers. This stunning incident took place on January 11, 2021.

Having 7 million followers on Twitch, David streams regularly by playing games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant. At present, he holds the record for most concurrent viewers in a Twitch stream for an individual.

most viewers on a Twitch stream

Tips and tricks that let you get more viewers on Twitch

It is a dream of every streamer to break the previous record and set a new one as much as they could. Not everyone can do it in reality. It requires a lot of patience, guts, and skill to achieve such extents.

Here are some tips that you can follow to achieve it:

Know your audience

You must be well aware of your current audiences to have an idea are who are viewing your streams regularly. A good streamer would usually focus on adding new viewers than adding broadcasters.

Be interactive

No one likes to have a monotone experience from an entertainment platform. You must give continuous talks that are humorous, informative, and in a way that attracts your audiences a lot.

Respond to your viewers

You might think it is impossible to respond to the viewers while gaming. In such cases, use the chatbots to respond to the comments. The viewers would feel privileged to know that you are taking steps to consider and respond to them.

Make note of the golden hours to stream

You will not get the same number of viewers all the time. It depends on two criteria, the first one is the time when there is less competition and the next is when more audiences are available to view. Make a note of it, fix a schedule, and stream accordingly.

most viewers on a Twitch stream

Make the masses know about your streaming

Even though you get a few numbers of default viewers, you must take steps to promote your streaming. Invite people to watch your streaming. Know your niche on social media and target potential audiences.

Stream regularly

Video streaming on Twitch is a competitive platform. When you plan to get the most viewers on a Twitch stream, you need to capture your audiences from switching to other streamers. Only when you stream regularly, there is a high chance of them sticking only to you.

Frame titles that attract viewers

Do not keep boring mundane titles. You must frame it in a way that excites the audience to watch your streaming.

Use social media for marketing

Create social media accounts and pages to attract your niche. Use it to make your network grow to a wider extend and receive most viewers on a twitch stream.

Your equipment matters

Use high-quality equipment like webcam, mic, software, and many more. You can also opt for premium products once you start getting good financial help from the Twitch account. Even if you cannot spend much on it, at least try to make small changes.

Do test streams

It is always precautious to do test streams before going live. It will help you avoid disappointing your viewers due to technical issues.

Set a brand logo

You must grow the image of your brand. Have specific logos and themes to promote yourself professionally. Also, visit other streamers’ channels as a guest to make his viewers know about you and your streaming.

Get the help of professionals

If you are unable to cover audiences via these various methods due to time constraints, you can get the help of experts to increase your Twitch following tremendously and attain the most viewers on a twitch stream. This lets you save your time and concentrate on gaming all time.