The rate of live streaming has been drastically increased, and Twitch has placed itself in the first place, being the undoubted leader. Twitch offers a lot of features to their streamers for enhancing their live streaming quality. However, copyrighted music and sound effects can push you towards trouble. Therefore, it is safe to use non copyright music for Twitch.

Non Copyright Music For Twitch

However, using music in Twitch while streaming is not that easy. It would be best to become more careful while streaming; like last October, Twitch has banned and deleted many contents from their platform, violating the copyright policy. As Twitch uses a three-strike approach in their forum, users who get strike three times will become banned from their platform.

In this article, we will be discussing everything about non copyright music for Twitch. So let’s start-

Does Twitch Allow Streamers To Play Music?

In simple words, the answer is YES. Twitch allows streamers to play music while streaming games or other stuff. However, the majority of streamers play music on their live streams without considering the copyright law. As mentioned above, Twitch has issued a lot of DMCA takedowns and prevent streamers from streaming on their platform if they continue to use the copyrighted music on their live streams.

Apart from Twitch, most of the streaming platforms worldwide have started to take copyright laws seriously. For obvious reasons, every people should value the content creator’s intellectual property. However, there doesn’t mean that you can’t stream music on your Twitch Livestream. As long you’re following rules, you’re allowed to use music on your live streams.

What Type Of Music Can Be Used On Twitch Live Streams?

You can use non-copyrighted music for Twitch streams. Furthermore, the categories of music that can be used for Twitch streams can be divided into three categories as follows-

Music Produced By Yourself- The music produced by yourself or the music you have recorded live or played can be used o your Twitch live streams. However, make sure that you have assured all the rights for reproducing the music.

Music Offered By Soundtrack by Twitch- Using Soundtrack by Twitch, you don’t have to worry about takedowns. However, there is a shortage of music in terms of the offering. Therefore, most of the streamers go with Epidemic sound rather than going for Soundtrack for Twitch.

Music Licensed By You is the most valuable and common technique for avoiding copyright infringement or takedown issues in Twitch. With a proper license, you shouldn’t worry about copyright issues. Apart from that, you can take subscriptions from Music stores for Twitch, which offers you access to unique soundtracks and sound effects.

In case you are following one of the methods mentioned above, you’re safe while streaming. If not, you can follow any of these solutions to avoid copyright infringement issues and continue your smooth streaming.

Is Copyrighted Music Is Allowed In Twitch?

Non Copyright Music For Twitch

As mentioned earlier, copyrighted music is not allowed unless and until you have the proper rights for playing the music. Playing music without owning it or having a valid license causes violating Twitch laws and community guidelines. Also, Twitch will be deleting your video from their platform, which violates their rules.

However, most content creators and Streamers on Twitch violate these laws and rules to provide the best experience to their audience. Unfortunately, the content of those streamers can be taken down for copyright policies, as it denies the funding to the owner of the soundtrack. With a valid subscription or license from the owner, these problems can be solved.

What Will Happen To The Channel, If Copyrighted Music Is Used?

Currently, two possibilities can happen with your channel if you use copyright music on your Livestream. The first one is most common; Twitch will take down your content if you use unlicensed audio or music.

However, the second possibility is less common, but it may become familiar soon. For using copyrighted music and audio tracks, Twitch might impose a 24-hour temporary ban on your channel. Apart from that, the long-term effect of using copyrighted music can lead to channel termination.

Best Platforms For Non Copyright Music For Twitch

Adobe Stock Audio (In-app charges)

Bensound (Free)

MixKit (Free)

Music Cellar (Free)

Purple Planet (Free)

All these platforms mentioned above will offer you the best non copyright music for Twitch. However, growing your followers on Twitch is a time-taking and challenging process. But you can enhance your followers growth by using organic developed techniques for getting better results within a short time.