Twitch streaming is getting popular day by day. After seeing its popularity Amazon bought twitch in 2014. Right now, Twitch is the biggest streaming platform available on the internet. Anyone who has tried to stream on Twitch knows that there are different types of overlays for Twitch needed.

Twitch overlays are simply graphic designs for the streaming screen. There are many animated elements are involved in it. All the important information that needs to be conveyed can be integrated into the overlay of Twitch.

If you are overwhelmed with all the options that you can add to your Twitch overlay. Start with all the basic things that are essential for your streaming.

Creating an overlay for your twitch you need to know some fundamental editing concepts. While creating an overlay you need to keep these most important things in mind.

overlays for Twitch

Visually Unified overlays for Twitch 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that any overlay you are designing for your stream should be visually unified. The color combinations and design aesthetics need to be consistent. This gives a good look at the streaming screen.

Include Instagram and Facebook Handles

Showing your social media handles on the overlay is crucial. You need to integrate your Instagram and Facebook handles in a way that does not take too much space. Social media handles should be there placed smoothly.

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Donation and Subscription of Widgets overlays for Twitch 

People who watch streams on Twitch often donate some money to their favorite streamers. This concept of giving direct money to the creators you like is catching on. If you want to show your donations on the streaming screen you can add a donation widget on your overlays for Twitch.

Similar to donations people support the streamers they like by subscribing to their channel. You can add a subscription widget on your Twitch overlay to show the name of every new subscriber who is subscribing to your channel.

Other Guest (Invitation) Overlays for Twitch

overlays for Twitch

Often streamers invite other streams to play games with them. This creates good content on Twitch. But it also needs a different overlay. There should be a seamless integration of other guests that are coming on your stream.

Overlay According to the Game or Purpose

Numerous games on twitch are streamed daily. If you are passionate about some niche game, there is an audience for that also. It depends on how passionately you play the game.

If you have found the game you want to stream then you need to make your overlay according to the game. Your overlay design should be crafted with the overall purpose in mind. It should not feel like it is awkwardly done.

Live Chat

Chatting and replying on live chat is an essential part of the twitch experience. The connection between twitch streamer and his/her audience develops when the audience provides feedback through live chat. The important feature of live chat needs is addressed creatively. You should have a stylish widget to show live chat at an appropriate place so that your audience can see it.

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Alert Box Widgets

While streaming and setting up your OBS you can put a lot of alert box widgets on your overlay. Suppose you want a notification for adding a new subscriber. You can an alert box widget to get a creative notification for it.

Design According to the purpose

To create an amazing overlay you need to learn some basic editing skills. You can create basic overlays for twitch streams if you follow all the guidelines provided above. Though, there are some competitors of Twitch like Youtube Gaming where people stream on Youtube but no one is close to Twitch to the sheer number of people who are streaming on the platform.

If you are not keen on designing then you can download some overlays from the internet also. These overlays will not be perfect but they will get you started on your streaming career.

Another thing you need to do to boost your streaming career is to get some followers for Twitch. After getting some twitch followers, the Twitch career will start rolling and slowly you will start earning money from it.

Creating overlays on twitch is a creative process. You can plan according to your passion. Play your favorite game and stream with twitch. Get all the benefits of twitch overlays with visual unification. These are the most important things to keep in mind while making overlays for twitch.