Online gaming is one of the biggest entertainment industries functioning in this era. The concept of streaming is currently playing a significant role in this sector. Platforms like Twitch offer the best environment for the streaming of various games to take place.

For a streamer, the Twitch Chatbots is the essential feature that connects with his followers or viewers. This article elucidates how this feature plays a vital role and the various chatbots you can use.

The streamer’s bond with the viewers

Streaming cannot be fulfilled without the presence of viewers. Anybody with the basic requirements like gaming software, twitch account can stream their gaming. But only the ones with more viewer’s counts will be valued. And the most vital feature that connects the streamer with the viewers is the comment section.

A streamer would be able to reply to a hundred comments, but when the count elevates to more than hundreds or even thousands, it would become a challenging task. Here is where the Twitch Chatbots come to the rescue. The programmed bots help the viewer get the attention and response that they expect from the streamer.

Twitch Chatbots

Choosing the right bot for Twitch

The term successful streaming includes high-quality gaming by a top skilled gamer and proper bot response. There are various bots available that fulfill the need of gamers.

Here are some of the bots that you can opt for Twitch:


It is the most popular chatbot among the streamers of various platforms. It is known widely due to its presence from the launch of the Twitch platform which makes it the most used Twitch Chatbots.

Some of the interesting features of the Nightbot are:

  • Providing dynamic answers to the questions shot.
  • Plays songs according to recommendations.
  • Very much interactive in responding to comments.
  • Maintains chat logs.
  • Spam filters.
  • Completely free for use.

Twitch Chatbots

StreamElements Chatbot

The next famous bot is the StreamElements Chatbot. It offers a never-ending list of features for the users. Once you make use of these features, everything will be under control and you can completely concentrate on your game.

Some of the attractive features are:

  • The most loyal and trustworthy chatbot.
  • Consists of in-built 30 commands while downloading.
  • It helps the streamers give away rewards
  • You receive alerts for chats.


If you are a newcomer to the streaming world, Moobot would be the best option for you. Due to the simple setup process, it makes the streamer adapt to its interface effortlessly. Therefore, you need not worry to hunt for Twitch Chatbots when you are already nervous about how your streaming would attract viewers.

Notable features of Moobot:

  • Easy to find settings.
  • Works on spam filters, chat moderation like other bots.
  • Helps in providing custom messages.
  • Includes poll functionality that lets you create polls among your viewers and displays it in a simple pie chart format.


The next chatbot is the Fossabot that gives a stunning and ultimate chat experience for you and your viewers. The presence of various in-built tools enables the user to keep the stream very active and responsive.

Other exciting features of Fossabot:

  • The options for customizing the tools and commands make it user-efficient.
  • You might dive into the gaming world, but the bot reminds you of the important message at regular intervals.
  • You need not save backups or require servers to download; all the functions are cloud-based.
  • The availability of spam filters prevents even malware.


The cost-less features that Wizebot provides will amaze everyone who uses Twitch chatbots. More than blocking abusive comments and trolls, it provides many other interesting features that excite the users.

Some of the notable mentions are:

  • Provides the option to place bets with the gathered points.
  • Gives the option to note the viewers who have unfollowed you.
  • Custom website available.
  • Alerts the commentators who are crossing their limits before banning them.
  • Song requests can also be made.

Pick the right Twitch bot for you

Compare the benefits and features provided by various chatbots and opt for the one that fulfills all your expectations. Enhance your gambling experience with the best Twitch chatbots available for use.

If you find it challenging to increase the count of your followers to enjoy your streaming, use the services provided by the professionals to elevate the number of followers organically which will eventually increase your income.