Everyone wishes to express their emotions via every form of communication. Nothing could exactly replace it as two persons are revealing their opinions and feelings face-to-face. But the technology has improvised to a greater extent to express emotions peculiarly. And the best way to deal with it in Twitch is by sending Twitch memes popularly known as Twitch emotes.

This article gives you a glimpse of various Twitch emotes and what they mean in the internet colloquial terms.

The form of Twitch memes as Twitch emotes

When an ineffable emotion has to be expressed, the emotes play a vital role in the Twitch platform. This streaming platform allows the viewers of the streamers to express their opinions, suggestions, and contact via the comment section. To express further emotions, the Twitch emotes are used in the chat boxes.

There are various emotes that can be used by anyone on the platform and some specific emotes are allowed to be used only in a particular community. You can choose the emotes by clicking on the smiley face, many options would be displayed for you to choose. The other way is by typing a semicolon in the chat; in this case, the emotes will start auto-filling.

Twitch Memes

Get to know the various emotes

Skipping to use emotes instead of typing long sentences helps the viewer express themselves faster and easier. Most of them stick to the ones that are on top trends. These witch memes are used to give a relevant face expression to the comment given or at times used to make fun of the gamer or others in the community.

Here are various Twitch emotes that a member who uses which must be aware of:


Are you looking out for words to express sarcasm at Twitch? Just tap the Kappa emote to reveal your opinion. It is the gray-scale photo of Josh DeSeno who is a former Justin. tv employee.

The popularity of this emote makes it the face of Twitch. It holds the crown for the most used emotes on this platform.


To express excitement, thrill, and joy in Twitch, you can make use of the Trihard face. It represents the face of a Twitch streamer TriHex in an excited mode. This emote came into use from 2013 onwards and has not yet moved out of trend.

It is also used by haters to annoy the streamers.


Another emotes to express excitement or surprise is the Pogchamp. Being one of the oldest Twitch memes, it is still one of the popular emotes. It is considered a safe emote to use and is also sometimes used to tease or annoy the streamers. Feel free to use it while something surprising is happening during the streaming.

Twitch Memes


This picturizes an FCG icon, Alex Jebailey. The emotion conveyed in the emote is Alex taken aback by astonishment or surprise. You can use it against someone who is roasting the streamer or other viewers in the comment section.


Are you hesitant to start a convo in the chatbox? The HeyGuys Twitch memes will help you move the first step. It picturizes the ex-recruiting director of Twitch, Selan Akkay showing a Hi.

You can use this emote to greet the streamer as well as the fellow members of the chat in the manner of saying a Hi.


Not every time the situation will be in the favor of the gamer. When he tends to lose the game, the chat starts spamming the BlessRNG emote to wish the streamer a stroke of good luck. When you feel that the gamer still has a chance to win the game, you can use this emote.


Now, what to do if your streamer has lost the game? The BibleThump emote which looks like a crying round face can be tapped. You can make use of this emote to express sadness, grief, and sympathy towards the gamer.

Now it’s time for you to become interactive at the chatbox with the help of Twitch memes you have learned.

Get into the field

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