Twitch is a primary source of serious income for a lot of gamers and streamers who constantly upload on Twitch. These streamers often get paid in form of donations that are bought and given by their audience. The currency in which most donations are made in between live streams is called bits on twitch. Let’s learn more about what are bits on twitch in this article.

Twitch is a platform where gamers and influencers including content creators outside of the realm of gaming can form a very strong, trustworthy bond with their followers.

With regular live streams, followers get used to the person they are a fan of and start trusting them.

Live streams also present the life of gamers and content creators without filter or editing, which paints a real more relatable picture for all the followers.

When such trust is formed with the followers, the streamers can promote their brand, present their agendas or even raise voices and awareness for some social cause they are passionate about just by talking to their followers like casual friends.

Twitch has always been about community formation based on common interests. So what are bits on twitch and how they are used, let’s see.

what are bits on twitch

What are bits on twitch?

Bits are a form of Twitch’s virtual currency. People who follow and admire a channel can purchase bits in exchange for money and then donate them to their favorite gamers or content creator as cheers, emojis, cheernotes, bit gems, etc, during live streams.

All of these vary in the amounts and values of bits they have. These bits range in value for example a small gray Bit gem is considered worth one bit and a large red highly animated star Bit gems is going to be worth 10,000 bits each.

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Cheernotes are slightly different because often individual streamers customize these according to their needs and want. It then depends on their followers to decide if they want to spend their bits on cheernotes.

Bits should however not be confused with actual donations. Real donations on Twitch are through the donations button and paid with real cash or online banking, bits are cheered with.

Twitch also pays its traffic-generating streamers with the subscriptions bought by their followers.

Half of the money of Twitch Turbo subscriptions is gone to the streamers. This way followers can always support and encourage their favorite streamers to continue their work and keep producing content.

Twitch pays its streamers one cent for every bit followers cheer on their channel during a particular live stream.

what are bits on twitch

How to cash out bits?

On twitch, one cannot collect their own bits. These bits are collected and paid out to you and all the calculations are handled by Twitch and done for you.

Twitch keeps the bits money for 15 days before getting it approved and ready for a cash-out.

One has to collect enough bits that amount to 100 US dollars before Twitch verifies it to be cashed out.

Often such amounts are not earned within the beginning months of a streamer or a gamer hence months are added on and until the gamer has been able to 100 US dollars through bits on twitch, they don’t get paid. After 15 days of hitting the 100 US dollars, the cash is ready to be withdrawal from Paypal, bank transfers, wire transfers, checks, and e-checks.

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Bits are a great way to support your favorite streamers and gamers so they can keep producing content for you.

A gaming setup with PC and proper arrangement for regular live streams is not cheap hence, streamers should be supported regularly.

Buying bits through money is very easy, Twitch made sure of that.

During the beginning months of gamers, unless they are winning Esports tournaments, bits are pretty much the only source of their income.

Streamers can also earn free bits by filling out survey forms. Most surveys are about TitchRPG and last for about 15-20 minutes.

These surveys can pay anywhere from 200 to 500 bits and these go directly to one’s bits collection.

One can also watch ads willingly to collect more bits. Although there are discussions on limiting the number of ads one can watch to earn free bits, it is still a valuable option for many as it provides moral support as well.

Having good following support is crucial on Twitch as these followers are a way to move ahead. Here is the answer to what are bits on Twitch.