Video gaming has surfaced well with the increasing craze of Twitch and broadcasting the gameplay to it. And if this thought thrills you, the process isn’t overly tough if you follow the steps to Livestream. What seems challenging is getting the required pieces of equipment for a smooth stream. “What Equipment Do I Need To Stream On Twitch” is the major doubt among Twitch users.

Well, all your doubts will vanish once you finish reading this article. We have covered everything one may need for a fun gaming experience and streaming on Twitch.

  1. Good Device/Hardware (Computer Only)

What Equipment Do I Need To Stream On Twitch

Get a computer with a good processor and a graphics chip to handle everything you are going to do with gaming, streaming, recording etc. A good gaming session on your computer requires a graphics chip that ensures handling heavy load and a great processor for all other hard works to be tossed on the internet.

Keep the frame rate as 60 per second and the target viewing resolution like 1080p or 1920×1080, so the hardware is ultimately going to decide how the quality is maintained at your end.

  1. Processor: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen

Now you know that all the heavy rendering is done by the graphics chip, take note that the processor will handle the whole of your game. The biggies of What Equipment Do I Need To Stream On Twitch is mainly answered through these 2 factors. For a powerpack performance per core, go with Intel’s “Rocket Chip” or “Comet Lake” while for having more core for your dollar, you may choose the CPU from AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Series.

  1. Memory and storage

Next in hand is the storage factor. Well, generally an 8 GB memory is good for gaming without needing to broadcast. If you opt for a 16 GB system memory, your computer gets more space to breathe. Beyond that having 32 GB or more is simply overkill.

Now the storage front must provide you with the fastest read and write speeds, try M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD.

  1. Desktop software (computer only)

Number 4 in our kist is the desktop software that is necessary for recording the gameplay. You use OBS studio with multiple software compatibility or NVIDIA or AMD which work on windows only.

  1. A webcam and a microphone

While broadcasting your gaming video, a major plus point for gaining followers on Twitch is to talk trash or display your jolly bubbly face to the viewers. This not only helps in engaging more concisely but also gains you genuine followers. You might feel the need to buy a webcam and microphone and in that case, you can trust products by Logitech and Razer.

  1. A good router

What Equipment Do I Need To Stream On Twitch

Are you tired of overloading and the traffic that you face while gaming? You can refrain from such chokes in the connection by employing a quality router. Regardless of whether you broadcast your video wirelessly or not, a router is essential equipment to handle the traffic while gaming and other connected devices.

A router won’t let your game die due to the overloading or the age factor of your device, nor will it reduce the broadcast quality of your video.

You can use Ethernet if using a game console or computer for the best connection and if you are using wi-fi then, prefer a 5 GHz band.

There’s another alternative to everything mentioned above, plug straight into a modem and then bypass the router altogether, keeping in mind that you check your antivirus functionality to be at point and computer’s updated firewall.

  1. A good internet connection

Check for a good internet connection and upload speed for broadcasting live to Twitch seamlessly. You will need enough bandwidth to broadcast meanwhile accommodating other connected devices.

Consider fibre internet connection, known for great internet speeds over other digital subscriber lines or cable services. The above-mentioned 7 pointers will easily sort all your doubts and the question- What Equipment Do I Need To Stream On Twitch.

Additional Tips for Gaining Followers on Twitch Effortlessly

  1. Entertain Them While Gaming Live

Try and be as natural and engaging as possible, talk to them, make them feel that you appreciate their gaming and their presence in your game.

  1. Stick to a schedule

This makes them updated about when you’ll streaming and they can memorize your timings as people do for TV shows.

  1. Choose your game wisely

Go nuts, play widespread games, for instance how Pewdiepie does it.

Here is the answer to what equipment do I need to stream on Twitch.