Twitch is primarily an app used mainly by an abundant number of gamers around the world. Emmett Shear, founder, and CEO of Twitch TV created this world’s most widely used video streaming platform for gamers. In this article, we will be learning all about what is twitch turbo?

Twitch TV started getting famous in 2014, the month of February when the stream on Twitch Plays Pokemon went viral. With over seven million views and sixty to seventy thousand continuous watches, it is safe to say that Twitch soon became Pokemon player’s favorite video streaming platform. Twitch TV is a subsidiary company of Amazon. On the website, one can stream live video game players, musicians, real-life, and creative content.

 In 2014, Twitch remained the fourth largest online traffic accumulator in the United States of America. It has 100 million views every month without a fail. When one is enjoying their favorite streamer or a live video, they do not want to be interrupted by advertisements.

What Is Twitch Turbo

What is twitch turbo?

Many platforms on social media are major mediators between the public and advertising companies. Hence, ads and promotions are seen in between and before every video. To provide a more curated and disturbance-free experience, Twitch TV exclusively offers a monthly subscription program one can pay for various benefits that come with it.

What are the benefits of Twitch Turbo?

  • Completely ads-free– Twitch Turbo provides one a completely ad-free experience with no mid-rolls, no pre-rolls, no companions, or display ads.
  • Expanded Emoticon set– One can now choose from two additional sets of Emoticons.
  • Custom Username color– One can stand out in chats with a custom username color with this feature.
  • Turbo Badge– The user having the subscription can proudly show their Turbo badge on the app.
  • Extra storage– One can now store the past broadcasts they saved for upto 60 days instead of 14 standard days.

What is twitch turbo vs prime?

The most significant difference between Twitch turbo and twitch prime is that twitch turbo allows the viewer to enjoy their videos without any ads and Twitch prime gaming lets the viewer subscribe to any channel for no cost once a month. Both enhance a customer’s experience to a great degree and most gamers make the best use out of it.

Do twitch partners get turbo?

The new policies of Twitch allow streamers to sit without getting disturbed by ads. The official announcement was made on the Twitch Discord server where they said that the partners wouldn’t need to sit through ads and stream peacefully without getting their focus disrupted.

This feature makes the Turbo subscription features available for free for the Twitch partners and allows them to enjoy their broadcasts.

According to Zach Bussey, the feature will apply to mid-roll as well as pre-roll ads except for the paid sponsorships like NFL.

What Is Twitch Turbo

Do streamers get Twitch Turbo money?

It is not a free subscription. It costs nine US dollars per month so yes, streamers on Twitch that attract traffic get their share from Twitch Turbo subscriptions.

On Twitch, one can find numerous ways to grow and monetize on their channel.

Be it a gaming channel or about other subjects that grab the viewer’s attention.

A subscription to Twitch Turbo is not only the most effective solution to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of gaming channels but also a wonderful way to support your favorite content creators that exist on the Twitch platform.

Twitch Turbo subscription exists because deals made on an advertisement with brands are important to keep the application running and getting its fund.

But ads do compromise viewers’ and a streamer’s experience hence, Twitch Turbo is a cheap paid service to eradicate the problem.

Twitch keeps half of the Twitch Turbo subscription money while the rest of the half goes to the streamers generating traffic on the website.

For success on Twitch, a streamer needs to bring in traffic to the website to become popular. That means bringing in and attracting viewers.

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