Let us discuss what you need to stream on twitch. We all have certain talents to show to the audience we have around. If spoken in simple languages, streaming means the same. Streaming means showing your particulars to the audience you have. The more audience you have the more your streaming would be. Now, this streaming can be anything: it might be your musical talents, your creative content, or can be the gaming expert you are. But when it comes to platforms like twitch, some people are confused about what you need to stream on twitch. If you are one of them, then you have landed on the perfect article.

Talking more about it in detail

Twitch is more about a gaming platform. So what you need to stream on twitch should be related to games. Talking about it in detail, twitch is an online gaming platform as well as a live gaming platform. People do watch their favorite gamers playing interesting games. So once you stream something you would probably become the gamer for them. So that’s an important point to remember if you are someone who would soon start streaming on their account on twitch.

Start streaming with no delay

Streaming your gameplay over twitch is not that difficult if you try to understand it well. There are a lot of techniques to get your streaming done.

  • The first thing you need to remember is that you should have a twitch account first. This article is provided to you keeping in mind that you of course have one. If you don’t have to create one before you start streaming.
  • The second most important thing is you need to have a good internet connection. If you want to stream live, you should possess the best internet connection. In case you are facing a problem with mobile network issues, switch to the fibres for smooth internet. It

what you need to stream on twitch

Steps you need to follow to know what do you need to stream on twitch

  • Now, since you want to know what you need to stream on twitch, the first and foremost thing is to connect to an obs studio. This is very much needed as this will let you add scene transitions to your streaming and also set your audio and video settings.
  • You need to connect to OBS with your twitch account. This step is necessary since you have to enter your twitch account details to avail the OBS studio beneficiaries.
  • Now configure the OBS studio. You have to configure the video quality and other effects to make sure what your audience view is clear and not blurry to them. You also need to configure your base resolutions.

Further steps involved after the entire connectivity

  • Create your scenes. In order you stream a game playing session, you need to choose apt scenes for the same. The obs studio will help you in the transition of the same scenes set up by you.
  • Add the chat feature. The chat feature is really important as it is a key to entertaining your followers. The more you entertain your followers, the more you will get more of them.

Broadcasting your overall content

Getting started with this is pretty simple. You just need to configure a few settings before you start. You first need to log in to your twitch app, adjust your particular settings, and then start the respective broadcasting.

  • You first need to introduce some changes even before you install the app.
  • You will then set up your overall twitch account. You need to log in for that and continue further by adding your camera and microphone.
  • Then make sure, which button will start and stop your session. You have to select on start streaming to start streaming on Twitch.

Gadgets you would need for the successful streaming

what you need to stream on twitch

  1. Your PC or smartphone is enough. They both will easily play the central part of the hardware in the overall setup. Though PCs are mostly chosen by people for streaming, if you don’t have one, your smartphone will do the job.
  2. A good quality microphone is needed. Whenever we speak there are places where the air hits the mic so badly that the sound broadens. That should not happen. So for the same, you need to have a good microphone at the same time.
  3. A webcam is of course needed. When you go live streaming or stream your content, that is the most needed part. Until and unless you don’t provide your audience with your visual gameplay, it isn’t that thrilling for anyone to watch.