Twitch app is renowned for streaming and on-demand video content. You can stream live gaming via the Twitch app and gain millions from subscriptions and sponsorships.?” this question boggles his fan’s mind that why did ninja leave twitch? The media has several tweets, comments, and questions regarding Ninja’s decision to leave Twitch and join the Mixer from Microsoft. People started recognizing Ninja through the game Fortnite, and in no time, Tyler gained around 14 million fans across the globe.

He became one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people,  having a massive community of followers on Twitch and YouTube. Ninja could participate in sessions co-hosted by celebrities like Drake, which added more followers to the list. His decision to quit Twitch and join the competitor Mixer was shocking to his followers. Know why did ninja leave twitch by reading this article.

why did ninja leave twitch

What made Ninja leave the giant streaming portal Twitch?

The free-to-play game ‘Fortnite’ has more than 250 million registered users from all parts of the world. Ninja is one of the best players of Fortnite, and this game from Twitch reached millions because of Ninja’s ultimate performance and commentary throughout. Ninja earned as much as 500,000 dollars, just from Fortnite, and this is a massive income for a gamer. He is one of the first gamers to be on the ESPN magazine. He built a considerable gaming community w that constantly supports his game sessionsNinjaNinjaNinja’sillions of YouTube and Twitch subscribers.

An overview of Ninja’s professional life

Richard Tyler Belvins has gained popularity and fame as a Youtuber, professional gamer, and Twitch Streamer, who has acquired several awards in ‘ Game awards,’ ‘Streamy awards,’ ‘ Esports awards,’ and so on. He debuted playing Halo 3 in the year 2009 and became a streamer in the year 2011.  Fortnite Battle royale’s success depends solely on Ninja’s live stream performances, which gained him approximately 24.1 million subscribers in various channels and total views over 2.4 billion. Tyler Blevin’s track hit a 16 million follower count, making his channel the most-followed Twitch channel, bringing another world- record in his career.

why did ninja leave twitch

 “why did ninja leave twitch? ”Here are specific reasons that could have led Ninja to decide to leave Twitch for Microsoft

  • Twitch is a platform to broadcast different kinds of games and shows. The majority of celebrity-level streamers depend on the revenue offered by various brands and companies and earn from a share of the subscriptions. In such cases, competitors from other games could attract more followers, and it is possible to have a drop in the subscriber count, which directly impacts the revenue, which most of the streamers or anyone for that matter agrees with
  • One more possibility is that streamers would always dream of reaching heights and are unwilling to limit their opportunities. Hence, the path chosen to be a part of Microsoft for his bright future could be justified.
  • Microsoft needs no introduction, and this is a breathtaking offer for Ninja from Microsoft that will take his growth as a streamer to the next level, and he will be the most noted representative of Mixer as a gamer
  • The financial security, benefits, and job assurance Microsoft provides is tempting, and a professional gamer like Tyler would find it highly beneficial to his career as well as financial growth
  • According to the reports published on media, Mixer had a relatively lower watch hour than YouTube Gaming and Twitch. This could be another significant reason for Microsoft to send an offer to Tyler.

Numerous controversies and rumors’ were stating various comments on Ninja’s departure from Twitch. Setting all the negativity apart, it is assumed that Ninja made the best decision to quit Twitch and make his next move to Microsoft, although Ninja fans were highly disappointed.


Richard Tyler Blevins quit Twitch on the 1st of August, 2019, to be the face of Microsoft’s Mixer, track solely on which is reported as the most downloaded free app on the Apple store after Tyler entered Microsoft. “why did ninja? Leave twitchwas the frequently asked question on social media. Here is the answer to why did ninja leave twitch.

It should be assumed that Microsoft would have made this thoughtful decision to be an excellent place for his career growth. His unique talents need to be further nurtured and appreciated by all the game lovers worldwide, and there wouldn’t be a better place than the American MNC giant, Microsoft.