We all must have come across a stage where we find ourselves asking the very question “why is my twitch stream laggingand we know how frustrating it gets when the issue is latency, right? It can affect your followers’ count and viewership. Well, the next thing we can tell you is that this article is going to sort this buffering issue while streaming. The latency while streaming on Twitch is the most frustrating issue that has come up and has been repeatedly reported in recent years.

It is no surprise that Twitch has come up as the most popular live video streaming platform, especially for gamers. Yet, despite its popularity, Twitch buffering greatly hinders user experience. Are you also one of those who have ever experienced any of the problems reported below:

  1. Twitch VOD or Clip buffering
  2. Twitch buffering Firefox and chrome
  3. Lag every few seconds,
  4. Twitch Playback Buffer

why is my twitch stream lagging

If so, don’t feel disheartened thinking that such issues are gonna stay forever and there’s no specific solution to latency. Encountering such a situation will no longer leave you to get stagnant. The tricks have been jotted down and the good news is that you don’t have to try them all, just work out your way down the pointers listed down and rest where you find the potion.

“Why Is My Twitch Stream Lagging??” Settle Down Your Issues-

Through this article, get the potential solutions to your “Why Is My Twitch Stream Lagging or Buffering?” Through a clear and deep understanding, we have listed handy solutions like checking certain firewall settings or making sure that the internet connection is stable or how one utilises VPN as the easiest solution etc. Take a look at the list:

Fix 1: Use A Computer with Better Specifications

The very first reason why you are facing latency on Twitch is your computer’s specifications. And it is going to be a reason of concern for longer if you are anyhow going to be a streamer.

If you are simply going to be a viewer, the configuration doesn’t really matter, it is more like a Youtube video. However, being streamers, you already know how intense bandwidth is essential but apart from that, there’s a lot your computer will take to stream smoothly.

Thus, get a computer that has configurations at least better than any average computer’s specifications.

Fix 2: Check your network connection

The best solution to your lagging stream on Twitch is to ensure a stable, high-speed and secure network connection. For this, you may try and check your internet’s speed through any of the speed testing tools. If the speed of downloading and uploading is considerable then well and good, if not, you may try the following tips to improve it:

  1. Close the recent applications currently not in use.
  2. Remove devices connected to your network.
  3. Power cycling/restarting the modem or router you are using.
  4. If you feel it’s something else and more than that of a connectivity issue, then connect to your Internet Service Provider.
  5. Using a wired connection
  6. Change Wi-Fi password

Fix 3: Check Your Firewall Settings

why is my twitch stream lagging

Firewalls can cause trouble to both streamers as well as viewers as certain settings prevent required permissions to Twitch and thus you may end up again at “Why is my Twitch stream lagging”. But we recommend you disable your firewall at this stage and see if the trick does the job for you.

Additionally, you must test the Anti-virus settings, if they are programmed to cause latency while you stream on Twitch. To sort this out, you can try the getaways:

  1. Either switch to Gaming mode
  2. Deactivate your Antivirus for the time being.

Fix 4: Use VPN

There’s a real quick solution to latency on Twitch- just use a VPN. Choose a VPN extension for your browser or directly head towards a VPN website. There are also cases when your current VPN site might be causing interruptions, in such a case, disable the current VPN and then see if anything changes for you.

One tip is that not every VPN is that powerful to handle your streaming or serve with the best performances or pricing, that is why we have got recommendations for you-

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surf Shark
  3. CyberGhost VPN.

Closing Words

It is insisted to follow the tips mentioned above to deal with the recurring lagging situation. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you always have the Wondershare Video repair to deal with all the lagging issues.