Twitter: A short portrait

Twitter: A short portrait

Twitter is known to be a real-time microblogging service. In plain language, this means that users publish short text messages of a maximum length of 140 characters – called tweets – which then appeared immediately. The own followers see this in their timeline. But in principle, every Twitter user can see your messages if they come across you. The posts can then be posted without any problems, which is called read re-tweet on Twitter.

The tweets can be found by search engines and there is no privacy, like on Facebook, for example, where only your friends can see the posts, if you have the appropriate settings. The only exception are the direct messages, which can be compared with the private messages on Facebook.

In order to better assign the topics on Twitter, the hashtags are incredibly important and therefore it is impossible to imagine Twitter without them.

The Twitter account can be set up quickly and then you are ready to go.

Due to its popularity and high degree of distribution, Twitter is of course very popular with companies, freelancers and influencers, because the reach is enormous. Skilful Twitter marketing helps with the profitable use of Twitter.


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Twitter marketing: What is important?

Twitter marketing: What is important?

Twitter is lightning fast and immediate. In addition, Twitter is of course interactive and it’s very popular. Another characteristic that distinguishes Twitter from other social media is that there are hardly any opportunities for paid advertising and that advertising is generally not well received by Twitter fans. Even today, there are still few and very expensive options for advertising on Twitter – compared to Facebook, they are truly worlds apart. By and large it is limited to sponsored tweets, company accounts and sponsored trends. The best thing is to build up an expert image.

Create a Twitter account and inform as precisely as possible about your services or products. The next step is of course to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. A first step for Twitter success is personal networking. If you already have a lot of contacts, you should take them with you to your Twitter account, because you will have a certain number of followers right from the start. But of course this is not enough if you want to really benefit from Twitter as an entrepreneur, freelancer or influencer. It requires a large number of followers and a lot of interaction.

We also strongly recommend that you make extensive use of Twitter Analytics, because with the help of this tool you can see exactly how your tweets are received by the audience, which ones have triggered the most reactions and much more. In addition, you can also see on which days and at which times your tweets were particularly successful

Make sure you have a good Twitter marketing strategy from the beginning. Remember that with Twitter timing and frequency is everything. Plan your tweets well and pay attention to when your target group is most likely to read your tweets. Your success ultimately depends on how many people read, link and re-tweet your tweets.

Get more Twitter followers, likes and re-tweets

To be successful on Twitter, you need to increase your reach. So if you want to really get started, you need a lot of followers, likes and re-tweets. But where to get them and not steal them? Here are a few tips to build your following.

buy-real-facebook-commentsAs with all social media platforms, Twitter’s ubiquitous algorithm decides who gets to the top of the search results. So if you have a lot of followers and if they are really active with likes and re-tweets, you’re set for life. Because now you’ll appear on the top and will be found by even more people who want to become followers, give away likes and hopefully re-tweet.

The competition on Twitter is fierce, so your tweets should be really smart, original and informative.

Be active on a regular basis, because especially on Twitter everything is very fast moving and people expect action. In this context it is very important that you know when most of your followers, or your target group in general, are active. So plan and program your tweets carefully.

Make sure to use trendy hashtags, because this way you can be found more easily and your ranking for the corresponding keywords will improve.

An excellent option to keep your Twitter account busy and to get more interactions are for example special discount offers. Give away a special discount for the first 100 people who re-tweet your tweet.

But unfortunately there is also a tendency on Twitter to look around, read tweets, give away likes and share the tweets where a lot of other people are already doing so. As a result, especially in the hard early days, the number of followers hardly grows, no matter how well your tweets are written and planned.

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