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Introduction: What is a Liked Video?
YouTube allows you to like videos by clicking the thumbs up icon next to the video’s title or description, which adds it to your list of liked videos on your channel page. This feature is helpful if you want to save certain videos that you enjoy watching or refer back to them later on. However, if you have accumulated too many liked videos over time, it may be beneficial for you to delete them all in order to make more space and keep your channel organized. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide on how to delete all liked videos on YouTube and some tips for managing your likes better in the future.


When it comes to YouTube, being able to like content is a great way of showing support for creators and also helps you keep track of what content you’ve already watched or want to watch again later. As such, it’s no surprise that over time many people end up with a long list of liked videos that they may not even remember liking anymore. As such, deleting all these liked videos can be a great way of freeing up space and keeping your channel organized so that it’s easier for viewers who stop by to find what they’re looking for without having to sort through a long list of irrelevant content.

How to Find and Access Your Liked Videos
In order to delete all liked videos on YouTube, you must first locate them on your channel page and access them from there. To do this, simply click “My Channel” from the top navigation bar of any YouTube page and then click “Likes” from the left sidebar menu underneath the “Videos” tab. This will take you directly to your list of liked videos where you can begin deleting them one by one or multiple at once (more details about this below).

Deleting Individual Liked Videos
If you only want to delete a few liked videos from your list, then it would be best for you to delete them individually rather than all at once since this is much quicker and easier process overall. To do this, simply hover over each video until an options menu appears beneath it and then click “Remove Like” from that menu before moving onto the next video that you would like deleted as well.

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Deleting Multiple Liked Videos at Once
If you have a large number of liked videos that need deleting quickly, then it would be best for you to use the bulk deletion option available within YouTube so that they can all be removed at once instead of having to go through each individual video one by one as mentioned above. To do this, simply check off each video that needs deleting using the checkboxes located next

Can you remove liked playlist on YouTube?

To remove a video from your playlist, scroll to it and select the “Remove from liked videos” option.

Why do likes get removed?

Instagram is removing likes from posts in order to focus on the mental wellbeing of their consumers. Some users may feel like their self-worth depends on the total number of likes they receive on a post.

What is the limit for liked videos on YouTube?

Though you can only like 200 videos at a time, all the videos you’ve ever liked remain liked. However, the reason for the limit is still a mystery to me since I’ve never been able to find an explanation.

Can you remove peoples likes?

It is difficult to manually remove likes on Instagram, as there is no feature that allows you to do so. Instead, you will need to try a different approach. For example, you could block the other user’s account. This may seem extreme, but it is a better option than deleting your entire post.

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Will my likes disappear if I block someone?

Blocking someone doesn’t mean they can’t see your likes and comments on posts that were shared by other public accounts or accounts they follow.

Is there a limit of liked videos on TikTok?

TikTok limits you to 500 Likes per day, and only accounts with 1,000 or more subscribers can go live. This is likely something you are already aware of, but for those who are new to TikTok, this article will provide a better understanding of your account limitations.